1701 Franciacorta Rosé Vintage 2016

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The 1701 winery was the first to obtain Demeter biodynamic certification and was born from a project carried out by a group of friends who discovered they were tied to peasant traditions by embodying their idea of Franciacorta in Manifesto 1701. the biological and biodynamic approach are the basis of the production and enhancement of the territory.
Franciacorta Rosè from 1701 is a Pinot Noir-based sparkling wine with hand-picked grapes, fermentation in steel and refermentation in the bottle.
A wine with a pink color and fine perlage. the hints refer to the fruits of the forest, raspberry and bread crust. The taste is well balanced between freshness and flavor.
Ideal with appetizers but above all with sushi and sashimi.



Rosa cerasuolo compatto di bella luminosità.


All'olfatto avvolgenti profumi iniziali di lampone, fragolina di bosco e mandarino virano verso delicati cenni di anice stellato e cannella; chiusura dalle sfumature di pasta frolla, leggermente mentolate.


Il sorso, dotato di freschezza e sapidità, colpisce per il grande equilibrio e la lunghezza, dai ritorni aggrumati e di frutti rossi.



YEAR 2016
ALCOL 12.50
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



LOCATION Cazzago San Martino (BS)
REFINEMENT 30 mesi sui lieviti. Remuage a mano.
WINEMAKING Fermenta in acciaio.
PERLAGE Finissimo perlage, ricco e persistente.



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Name: 1701 Franciacorta
Address: Cazzago San Martino (BS)
Web Site: www.1701franciacorta.it

1701 is an adventure that, as often happens in the wine world, is born from the association of a group of friends. Involved in the leadership of one of the oldest companies of Franciacorta, professional entrepreneurs find themselves increasingly linked to the rural origins, embodying in their 1701 manifesto idea of ??Franciacorta and viticulture. They are the brothers Federico and Silvia Stefini formally to found and lead the project today and the cellar of 1701. Together with their collaborators take care of the eleven hectares of one of the oldest wine estate in the area, three hundred years of history and an extraordinary vineyard four hectares surrounded by the walls of the eleventh century. It works on the basis of a shared decision with conviction: the principles and methods of organic viticulture and biodynamic. Such an approach, far from forcing and chemical intervention, it is also a philosophy of life, a way to approach the vineyard, understand it and respect it in its life cycle until, in the bottle, it expresses its full vitality, character and virtues: first and utmost authenticity of the terroir, in all its expressions. The current production of 1701 is less than seven thousand bottles.