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  • Triple A

  • Refermented

  • Indigenous yeasts

  • Without sulfites

  • Zero filtrations

  • Macerated on the skins

  • Organic

Archetipo Spumante Rosato Brut 2021



Details of wine

The synergistic agriculture embraced in recent years by the L'Archetipo Winery is the latest step taken by this company in the search for artisanal wine productions with a great personality.
This approach lies above the biological and biodynamic methodologies, using non-interventional techniques that also deny the use of the plow.

We are at the extreme of natural, where only indigenous yeasts are used, clarifications or filtrations are not carried out and the vine is free to grow and develop without any help of chemical origin.

The Rosé Spumante produced by Archetipo is made by hand picking the grapes and working at low temperatures. The aging in steel with repeated batonnage precedes the bottling of an aromatic and fragrant rosé. A versatile wine that knows how to adapt to any situation.



Rosa cerasuolo intenso.


Intense note fruttate e floreali.


Al gusto morbido, sapido e dotato di acidità persistente.


Dotato di grande flessibilità, da aperitivo a tutto pasto, indicato specificatamente per antipasti e piatti a base di pesce e crostacei.



YEAR 2021
TRAINING SYSTEM "Controspalliera Libera" in onore di un libro di Rudolf Steiner dal titolo "Filosofia della Libertà".
ALCOL 12.50
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard
COLLECTED Raccolta manuale, prima settimana di Settembre.



LOCATION Castellaneta (TA)
GROUND Arenaria e pelite con notevole presenza di ghiaia, sabbia e ciottoli di piccole dimensioni, e buona presenza di Humus.
REFINEMENT Seguono 6 mesi in autoclave con batonnage continui del fecciolino nobile, fino a giungere ad una stabilità naturale del vino spumante, a cui segue l'imbottigliamento. Decantazione naturale senza chiarificanti. Non filtrato. Minima aggiunta di anidride solforosa in pre-imbottigliamento.
WINEMAKING Dopo pigia-diraspatura e pressatura soffice, il mosto in presenza delle bucce fermenta spontaneamente, grazie all'aggiunta di pied de cuve contenente lieviti indigeni, gli unici in grado di interpretare al meglio il nostro terroir. La macerazione delle bucce dura circa 36 ore, dopo di che le vinacce vengono allontanate mediante pressatura soffice. La fermentazione è svolta a basse temperature (13-14 °C) per circa 40 giorni. Prima dell'esaurimento totale degli zuccheri dell'uva, il mosto in fermentazione viene travasato in autoclave dove avviene la presa di spuma (11-12 °C).
PERLAGE Vivace effervescenza.



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Name: Archetipo
Start-up year: 2011
Cultivated hectares: 25
Winemaker name: Franesco Valentino Dibenedetto
Address: Contrada Tafuri - Castellaneta (TA)
Web Site: www.larchetipo.it

Francesco Valentino Dibenedetto, agronomist and farmer by birth, son of Carlo Dibenedetto, winemakers always. Since the 80’s the company began the conversion to organic farming but he finds that the vitality of his lands does not proceed as it should and that is why since 2000 he moved to biodynamic thanks to the studies on Rudolf Steiner’s cultural legacy. After a few years of biodynamic he realizes that there is still something that lacks and therefore, understanding the thought of Masanobu Fukuoka, finally come to practice sustainable agriculture, in which the synergies between all the ecosystem are linked. This is the synergistic agriculture, with which we made no more the biggest mistake that still today we do, practicing all the other types of agriculture ( from conventional, to organic, to biodynamic): plowing. This new adventure develops together with his wife Anna Maria and their four children: Carlo Nazareno, Domenico, Andrea e Maria Clelia. Thaks to their constant and responsible care it has been possible to build the wine cellar, entirely made in tuff, where with precise climatic conditions it’s possible to enhance their precious grapes without using chemicals. The new generation’s entrance in the company, under the leadership of Francesco Valentino’s large experience, is likely to provide impetus and vitality to “L’Archetipo”.