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Argiolas Perdera Monica 2015

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Veronelli 2014

Vintage 2015

Wine zones 5% Bovale, 5% Carignano, 90% Monica

Alcol 13.00%

Format 0,75 L Standard

Intense ruby red with an undertone typical of Monica.
Round, final aftertaste almost tending to sweetness, a typical feature of erect-shrub grown Monica grapes.
Vinous, intense, characteristic.
Traditional pasta with sauce, tasty fish soups, tuna trance, wet lamb, medium seasoning pecorino.
More details
Type Monica
Classification DOC Monica di Sardegna
Temperature 16-18
Location Serdiana (CA)
Soil Limestone-clayey structure, soft slope, good sun and wind exposure, average rainfall about 550 mm/year.
Produzione annua 400000
Vinification Fermentation at controlled temperature of 27-28 °C for 8-10 days with moderate extraction of phenolic substances.
Aging Development in concrete tanks and for a short period in small casks of French oak.
Ulteriori dettagli
More Information
Location Serdiana (CA)
Climate N/A
Produzione annua 400000
Harvest N/A
Sistema allevamento N/A
Tecnica produzione N/A
Periodo fermentazione N/A
Affinamento N/A

Address: Serdiana (CA)

Web site:

Year of starter: 1938

Winemaker: Mariano Murru

Produced bottles: 15

Hectares: 230

The Patriarch The autumn of the Patriarch has the sweet flavour of Angialis, the soft look of the hills of Serdiana, the ancient memory of "is scricchillonis", the small bunches of grapes left on the plant after harvesting and which Antonio, as a child, sold at the feast of Serdiana. Antonio Argiolas, born in 1906, already as a child used to tend the plot near his school, carefully growing flowers and tomatoes which he then gave as a gift to his schoolmaster. Young as he was, he already knew that his strength would come from the land and from his trading skill, inherited from his father Cicito, landowner and tradesman in Serdiana in the late 19th century. Thus it was that Antonio grew up, was drafted as a soldier, and when he returned home, started broadening his horizons. "I engaged in all sorts of work: I was a grape-grower and farmer, trader in wool and cereals, seller of cheese. I started with nothing, well, actually: from five hundred thousand lire a friend lent me and from four hectares of vineyard I planted in an estate which was not mine, with the idea that each year I would manage to plant a few more hectares." Working day and night, years went by and the vineyards spread. With the earnings from his commercial business, Antonio Argiolas continued to purchase vineyards, without ever selling a single plant. He put up the winery, an oil press, a small dairy factory. Then the war broke out. Antonio continued to work through those terrible years, and in the summer of 1946 his twin sons, Franco and Giuseppe, were born. After taking their high school diploma, they made a clear cut choice: they would commit themselves to grape-growing and wine-making, to which they would devote, in different ways but with the same passion, their minds and hearts, their workdays and holidays. For over seventy years Antonio Argiolas was the centre around which revolved the affection of his sons, daughters in law and grandchildren, and the life of the enterprise he had created. He represented the link between tradition and innovation. And still today after his passing, his ideals guide sons, grandchildren, staff and everyone who knew him. Company Philosophy First the grape harvest, then the press and finally maths, Italian and history. These were the interests that marked the lives of Franco and Giuseppe up to their high school diploma. When they came into the business, the two Argiolas brothers purchased other plots of land and vineyards at Selegas, Guamaggiore and Siurgus and decided to give a clear identity to their wine which until then had been forwarded to France unlabelled, in bulk shipments. They adopted a new philosophy, coupling their father's passion for business with painstaking research and a taste for innovation. In those same years the Italian wine-making industry was reeling under the scandal of methanol-adulterated wine, and the brothers found themselves at a crossroads: should they uproot all the vineyards and enjoy the sweet life, or intensify production?. The twins did not hesitate: they decided to place Argiolas wines firmly on the market. They launched the new Winery, entrusting production to Giacomo Tachis and young oenologist Mariano Murru. Thus from a combination of tradition and modernity, care for detail and passion, the new wine-making enterprise came into being. Changes in the Winery were accompanied by others in the vineyard itself. Since the making of a good wine starts in the vineyard, cultivation methods too had to change. The number of plants per hectare had to be increased, reducing the grape yield per plant The basic concept was simple: respect the plant. Perform closer pruning, and remove excess bunches. This philosophy of "subtraction" running counter to the approach targeting quantity, led the company to experimentation. The laboratory became a centre of expertise in chemistry, biology and microbiology, laying the foundations for obtaining a product of excellence. "Chemistry is what you need to know so you can avoid using chemicals", is Tachis' motto. Though experience is rarely wrong, the support of lab tests makes the difference. Among the many secrets of quality, there is one called harmony. It's not about flighty seductive nymphs, far off myths, magical potions. It's about a passion handed down from one generation to the next. Made up of equal parts of commitment, discipline and enthusiasm.

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