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The history of a winery is handed down with the story of its harvests, with the description of the climate and the territory from which its production was born. This is the case of Baglio di Pianetto where tradition and sustainable development find the right compromise.
Here eco-sustainable production reaches its maximum expression starting from 2013 with the conversion to organic agriculture both for the cultivation process and for the winemaking process which saw its completion in 2016.
Today all its productions are biologically certified.

Within its line of monovarietals we find the Cataratto Bio, an authentic Sicilian white that takes aromaticity and freshness from this land.
The hand-picked grapes are gently pressed and then ferment spontaneously in steel. Aging in steel on the lees for 3 months and then ending the process in the bottle.

A balanced wine that enhances the characteristics of this land.



Giallo paglierino


Il profilo aromatico è tipicamente associato a delle note agrumate e floreali, (in particolare scorza di limone, pompelmo, arance amare, zagara e gelsomino) e frutta tropicale, frutto della passione con un tocco di erbette aromatiche e spezie dolci.


Secco, di media struttura e buona acidità con moderato tenore alcolico. Una eccellente sapidità con un piacevole e leggero finale amaricante.


Vino molto versatile che si abbina molto bene al pesce ed ai frutti di mare, carni bianche, verdure grigliate e formaggi di capra.



YEAR 2021
ALCOL 12.50
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard
COLLECTED Manuale, in tre epoche differenti per creare tre basi (acida / maturità tecnica / surmaturazione).



LOCATION Contrada Pianetto, Santa Cristina Gela (PA).
GROUND Di medio impasto tendente all'argilloso, ricco di scheletro e minerali.
REFINEMENT In serbatoi di acciaio sui lieviti per 3 mesi, a cui seguono il blend delle tre basi e l'affinamento in bottiglia (per almeno 2 mesi).
PLANTS FOR HECTARE 4.830 piante per ha
WINEMAKING Selezione delle uve a cui seguono una pressatura soffice, l'illimpidimento statico dei mosti e la fermentazione spontanea in acciaio a temperatura controllata
RETURN HALF 90 quintali.
ACIDITY 5.8 g/l




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Name: Baglio di Pianetto
Start-up year: 1997
Cultivated hectares: 107
Winemaker name: Marco Bernabei
Address: Via Francia - Loc. Pianetto - Santa Cristina Gela (PA)
Web Site:

Many years ago, a little boy (who had yet to discover who or what he would become) asked his mother to buy him a bottle of wine. They were in Sicily at the time, on a holiday, and she, of course, replied that he was much too young. But the boy kept insisting until his mother, finally, relented. She said she would buy him the bottle, as long as he promised to wait till he was seventeen years old to open it. Once he got to that age the boy, now a young man, opened the bottle: the wine, however, had partly evaporated. That young man, Count Paolo Marzotto, was not able to drink the wine he waited so long for, but the particular transformation it had undergone made him want to know more about what had happened. In short, he began researching the art of winemaking. This research, a successful research at that, has taken him to regions such as Veneto, Tuscany, Alto Adige, Lombardy, and in 1997 back to Sicily, to Baglio di Pianetto, in the countryside near Palermo. An area that, with its abundance of green hills, rocky outcrops and water, he would affectionately describe as a “little Switzerland”. Here is where Count Paolo fulfilled his dream of producing a wine able to express this unique terroir through the particular savoir faire learned from the great French chateaux, so that the vineyard of Tenuta Baroni, located between Noto e Pachino, acquired in’98, has become the perfect place to develop his autochthonous Nero d’Avola (il Cembali), which the Count considers to be one of his best wines, thanks to it unmistakable softness and elegance. Wishes and ideas that have become a reality thanks to his love for Sicily and his passion for wine, a love kept alive through innovative and courageous choices, renewed in the second and third generations that have stepped in to help further the founder’s vision, testifying to the historic commitment of the Marzotto family.