Benoit Déhu Champagne Initiation Brut Nature 2017



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An ancient Domaine where biodynamic techniques are used for the production of Meunier, one of the three main grape varieties for the production of Champagne, but perhaps the one unfairly less appreciated, is the kingdom of Benoit Déhu a very interesting Champagne producer.

In the Domaine Benoi Déhu everything flows slowly, the harvest is always carried out in the morning in respect of the moon phases and in respect of the ripening of the grapes, each phase of processing undergoes the least possible intervention in order to preserve the qualities transmitted from the soil to the vines.

All this leads to the creation of seductive Champagne and expression of the only parcel from which the grapes called La Rue des Noyers..

The Champagne Initiation Extra Brut, is made with Meunier grapes and an addition of Pinot Noir harvested manually. The maturation takes place in oak barrels made with wood from the nearby Fossoy forest.

The result is an enveloping and beautifully balanced Champagne.



Giallo paglierino intenso.


Sentori floreali e fruttati, poi seguiti da sfumature di miele d'acacia e pietra focaia, e infine da toni di crosta di pane e lieviti.


Fragrante e agrumato, slanciato e di ottima lunghezza, di buon corpo e di buon equilibrio.



VINES 22% Pinot Nero, 78% Pinot Meunier
ALCOL 12.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



LOCATION Fossoy (France)
PERLAGE Perlage fine e persistente.



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Name: Déhu Champagne
Address: 3, rue Saint Geroges - Fossoy (France)
Web Site:

Domaine Déhu Père et Fils was founded in 1787 and is currently run by the eighth generation; Benoit, after an experience at Bollinger, returns to his family's Domaine and with its a strong vision of the future projects the company towards organic viticulture. The Domaine has very solid roots that allow Benoit to manage both the managerial part and cultivate his own passion for a natural product without the use of chemicals. Benoit processes a plot of 1.70 hectares of selected Pinot Meunier vineyards using biodynamic and artisanal methods: uses horses, follows the phases of the moon, harvests only in the morning and in five phases to obtain maximum maturity, squeezes the juice from a small press of 2000 kg. From these vineyards is produced a single vintage champagne "Cuvée La Rue des Noyers" that Benoit bottles with its own label. This wine matures in oak barrels that come from the trees of nearby Fossoy forest. From the same plot Benoit produces a red and white Coteaux Champenois, all three references are composed of 100% of Pinot Meunier. Benoit focused on the project to obtain high quality grapes that can be the basis of his work by intervening as little as possible and following his own inspiration and a desire to better interpret what nature has to offer. The style of Benoit wines is intense, energetic with a fine minerality and a seductive aroma of white flowers. Although its production is minimal, only 2,400 bottles, its wines are finding the enthusiasm of enthusiasts and place Benoit as a reference point to look at in one of the most dynamic and growing regions in France.