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Brezza Barolo Sarmassa 2015

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Details of wine

The Barolo DOCG Sarmassa is obtained from an organic cultivation that extends over clayey soils that guarantees greater water retention with less life stress. The result is a wine with an excellent organoleptic quality, with notes of spice and dried roses, the presence of tannins is elegant and the drink is fresh and long in the finish. It can be the protagonist of the whole meal and accompany itself in an excellent way with game and red meat.



Veste color rubino delicato, dai riflessi aranciati.


Ventaglio olfattivo dalle note variopinte e assolutamente originali: acqua di rose, ciliegia matura, cipria, foglia di tabacco biondo, spezie orientali, genziana. Seguono le note di scorza di bergamotto, il patchouli, la bacca di cipresso ed infine una soffusa ed elegante suggestione di melone appena tagliato.


La bocca è sublime per la sua soavità. Carezzevole al tatto, si espande ampio, glicerico, caldo. Mostra nerbo, tensione, trama tannica serrata e vigorosa. Energia in continua evoluzione. In finale il commiato lascia una lunga scia balsamica di grande effetto.


L'abbinamento abituale suggerisce la selvaggina e le carni rosse ma data la sua eleganza, va benissimo anche a tutto pasto.



YEAR 2015
TRAINING SYSTEM Controspalliera. Sistemi di potatura: Guyot tradizionale.
ALCOL 14.50
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



GROUND Argilloso-limoso. Tessitura: sabbia 26,3%, limo 43,2%, argilla 30,5%.
REFINEMENT 24 mesi in botte grande.
PLANTS FOR HECTARE 3700 ceppi/ha
WINEMAKING È simile a quello adottato per gli altri vigneti storici di Nebbiolo da Barolo, con una differenza nella durata della macerazione che in questo caso è generalmente superiore in quanto le uve hanno normalmente tannini più morbidi.
RETURN HALF 6000-7000 kg circa



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Name: Brezza
Start-up year: 1885
Cultivated hectares: 20
Winemaker name: Enzo Brezza
Address: Via Lomondo, 4 - Barolo (CN)
Web Site: www.brezza.it

The farm Breeze, owner of vineyards in Barolo dating back to 1885, is located a few steps from the center of the small town of Barolo, immersed in the vineyards as well as the adjoining restaurant and the hotel also owned by the family. The management of the company covers an area of ??22 hectares of land of which sixteen and a half with vineyards, and the wines are all DOCG Denomination of Origin Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin or DOC. The Farm breeze owns vineyards in Barolo since 1885 was named Giacomo Brezza, who first with his father Antonio in 1910 put the wine in the bottle. Located a short walk from the center of the small town of Barolo is immersed in the vineyards as well as the adjacent Restaurant and Hotel also family. Currently the Company is conducted in organic farming certified by the fourth generation. Proponents of tradition, we are convinced that today the best way to respect the spirit consists in not a priori close the door to innovation, particularly if this enables us to better protect and enhance its typical wines of Langa, the characteristics of the grapes and the various terroir. The company's philosophy is to produce single-variety wines looking better vineyard with appropriate pruning and thinning accurate. We practice the use of green manure and compost that enhance the vitality of the soil and we use light equipment that reduce compaction and fuel consumption. Such meticulous care for the vines, with appropriate pruning, has preserved in excellent health so that some strains have reached the venerable age of 70 years. With manual harvesting, carried out with great care, we try to pick the grapes at the right degree of maturity. In fact, they will then find all the harmony and balance of a great wine. In the cellar, we try to accompany this quality until the bottle. We work with a light hand, control temperature and spontaneous fermentation. The aging for wines that need it is traditional, in large casks made of Slavonian oak, with the planks bent on fire but not roasted. The wines are aged in wood are neither filtered nor clarified. Ten years ago we decided to use for the closure of a significant amount of our bottles in an innovative glass stopper which provides, in our opinion, more guarantees respecting the typical characteristics of our wines.