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Tours-sur-Mane is one of the 17 classified Grand Cru villages of Champagne and the place where we find the Maison of Brisson-Lahaye, born from the innovative spirit of Eliane Brisson and Joël Lahaye who decide to undertake the production of Champagne abandoning the previous linked activity breeding and cereal production.

First they rearrange the house to vinify the wine on site and then they start to select low-impact cultivation techniques to keep intact the qualities of the precious grapes of the area.

In 2004 her daughter Laure joined them following the family tradition and together they made a wide range of highly appreciated labels.

Each cuvée produced in these territories has its own character as the Champagne Brut La Distinguée, made up of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from different terroirs.

A Champagne that gives savage evaluations, given its assembly from grapes from different terroirs, but which remains impressed for balance and refinement.



Giallo dorato.


Complesso con note di agrumi e frutta gialla appena matura.


Si percepiscono gli aromi sentiti al naso. Molto equilibrato e si percepiscono a lungo le note di frutta gialla e pan di zenzero.


Ideale come aperitivo. Perfetto con un cosciotto di agnello al miele e sarà apprezzato con una tarte tatin o un piatto a base di pan di zenzero.



VINES Chardonnay, Pinot Nero, Pinot Meunier
ALCOL 12.50
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



LOCATION Tours-sur-Marne (France)
REFINEMENT La maggior parte di questi champagne viene affinata in botti.
WINEMAKING In vasche d'acciaio inossidabile. Champagne composto da un blend di vitigni, terroir e annate.
PERLAGE Perlage fine e persistente.



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Name: Brisson-Lahaye
Address: 18 Rue Bernard 51 - Tours-sur-Marne (France)
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The Brisson-Lahaye house is located at the crossroads of the Champagne vineyards, in Tours-sur-Marne, one of the seventeen villages classified Grand Cru de la Champagne. This former livestock farm has changed its face to gradually make way for wine-growing thanks to the ambition of a visionary family that has been able to shape its future by drawing on its resources and its roots. Eliane Brisson, daughter of Pierre and Germaine Brisson, farmers and stockbreeders in Tours sur Marne, married in 1981 Joël Lahaye, son of winegrowers in the Champagne wine region of the Coteaux Sud d'Epernay. After the birth of their children, Eliane and Joël joined Pierre and Germaine on the family farm. At the time, they cultivated cereals and raised Charolais cows, however, the family already had a few plots of vines as Germaine is the daughter of winegrowers. From then on, they bought other plots of vines in the surrounding villages and made their Champagnes in partnership with a Cooperative: Champagne Brisson-Lahaye was born. In 1994, after the retirement of Pierre and Germaine, Joël and Eliane decided to devote themselves solely to wine-growing and to separate themselves from wine-making. They then freed themselves from the Cooperative to become Harvester-Manipulants. They immediately refurbished the whole house to transform the old premises intended for the breeding and to allow all the stages of the wine making on the spot. Their daughter, Laure, joined the farm in 2004 after obtaining a BTS in viticulture and oenology. As for their son Guillaume, he chose a different career path. Since then, the family has devoted itself to the elaboration of a varied range of Champagne, thanks to the know-how of each one and to the geological diversity of the terroirs and grape varieties.