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We are in the hills of Mazzon, one of the best areas for the production of Pinot Noir, here is the Maso Brunnenhof and the Mazzon winery which has always promoted its activity by balancing them between innovation and tradition.
The particular morphology of the territory, which guarantees strong temperature variations, allows the creation of an ideal microclimate for the cultivation of Pinot Noir.
The care in the search for a high quality production process is almost obsessive but is balanced by the quiet and relaxation that you encounter when you arrive in these valleys. These sensations are also transmitted to the vine he thanks for giving life to fantastic wines.

But the Mazzon company is also the producer of a fantastic Brunnenhof Eva obtained from the Manzoni Bianco grape obtained in the 30s from a rhino riesling and pinot blanc graft.
This straw yellow IGT is produced by hand picking and fermenting on the lees during which it acquires aroma and body.

Wine with fruity scents and a fine palate with mineral and citrus notes, it goes well with fish dishes and aperitifs.



Giallo paglierino.


Al naso ricorda la mela fresca, un Pinot Bianco fruttato, ma anche la pesca bianca.


In bocca spicca un frutto fine, mostra bella mineralità e freschezza, al finale ricorda sentori di agrumi.


Servito fresco come aperitivo e come abbinamento a pesce, crostacei e molluschi, molto consigliato con risotti e pasta.



YEAR 2020
ALCOL 14.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard
COLLECTED Metà Settembre.



LOCATION Località Mazzon - Egna (BZ)
WINEMAKING Le uve diraspate vengono poi spremute con cura dopo un breve contatto con le bucce. Questo vino fermenta in vasche d'acciaio e viene lasciato sulle fecce fini fino a Pasqua.
SUGAR 2.1 g/l
ACIDITY 5.9 g/l



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Name: Brunnenhof Mazzon
Start-up year: 1999
Cultivated hectares: 5
Winemaker name: Kurt Rottenstein, Johanna Rottenstein
Address: Via degli Alpini, 5 - Località Mazzon - Egna (BZ)
Web Site:

The family estate , Brunnenhof Mazzon, lies 400 to 500 meters above the banks of the river Etsch, nestled in the vines covering the hillside of the valley. Behind, protected by the ‘Königswiese’ mountain range, in front open towards the gently rolling slopes of the ‘Unterland’ and ‘Überetsch’ areas of the Etsch valley. The area is considered the Grand-Cru of the Blauburgunder and indeed it is on the Blauburgunder that our estate focuses its work. But not exclusively, ithe Blauburgunder is joined by Lagrein, Gewürztraminer, Manzoni Bianco, Goldmuskateller and also Blaugurgunder Rosé. Mazzon provides the perfect conditions for Blauburgunder: the soil a mixture of sand and clay with a high concentration of chalk, west facing, the afternoon sun, the fresh Ora wind from Lake Garda and the cool nights. Areas sheltered from the wind are perfect for the Gewürztraminer. In the higher areas above Vill where the earth is a mixture of sand, stones and gravel, the scree of the Trudener river, thrive the Manzoni Bianco and, ever since1921, the grapes for our Lagrein. In order to maintain the vitality and unmistakeable character of our vineyards we work according to ecological standards. The more life and fullness there is in the vines, the more can be found later in the wine. The cellar is a place of tranquillity, restraint and patience. Through a form of ‘controlled inactivity’ we draw out the character of the grapes thus ensuring that, at the end of the wine year, every bottle bears the distinctive signature of Brunnenhof Mazzon.