Buvoli Metodo Classico Tre Extra Brut



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The Brut TRE CLASSICO is my youngest sparkling wine, suitable for the ritual of the aperitif or in combination with first courses. I wanted it to be very dry and acidic, to match the structure which - although apparently fresh - hints at its future evolution in the bottle. I have to tell the truth: I was initially reluctant to produce such a young bottle (for my standards): I love evolved and important bubbles, and 3 years on the lees seemed too little to express the best structure of my sparkling wine bases. But I decided to give it a go anyway, with the promise to myself that "If a Buvoli doesn't come out, I won't make it". So much fear for nothing: what came out was a Buvoli that was younger and more drinkable than the others, but still recognisable - friends tell me - for its persistence and importance in the mouth. Bottling for the taking of the foam normally takes place in spring, assembling bases from several different vintages, part of which is an old reserve aged in wood. After disgorging, it rests for a few more months before release to allow the liqueur to integrate.



Paglierino spumeggiante.


Evoca sensazioni di iris, buccia di bergamotto, mela limoncella, nocciola, pane biscottato e confetto.


Denota grande equilibrio; molto godibile la sferzata dell'acidità che rinfresca il palato e chiama nuovi sorsi. Chiusura lenta su note tostate.


Rende al meglio le sue note organolettiche se accompagnato a pasti a base di pesce, in particolare crostacei. Tra i piatti che vengono meglio esaltati vi è il branzino al cartoccio. Non disdegna di accompagnare anche dolci, in particolare a base di pasta di mandorle e canditi.



ALCOL 12.50
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



LOCATION Gambugliano (VI)
REFINEMENT 3 anni sui lieviti. Affinamento in legno e acciaio.



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Name: L'Opificio del Pinot Nero
Start-up year: 2001
Cultivated hectares: 2
Winemaker name: Marco Buvoli
Address: Via Mondeo, 1 - Gambugliano (VI)
Web Site: www.opificiopinotnero.it

Opificio is the place where the artisan reflects, creates and builds: it is his workshop, his workshop. The factory of Marco Buvoli is his small cellar, which he calls creative laboratory. This is where his wines are thought, where Marco best expresses his quest for the "perfect black pinot". In his lab, full of small barrels, oak tins and steel tanks, Marco experimented with various vinification techniques that will then be applied to the actual production in the cellars of his adventure friends.