Campo di Maggio Offida Passerina Capanne 2021

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Giallo paglierino.


Al naso risulta intenso con sentori di fiori e frutta a polpa gialla.


Al palato il vino risulta fresco, morbido e persistente.



YEAR 2021
ALCOL 14.50
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



LOCATION Spinetoli (AP)
REFINEMENT In acciaio.



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Name: Campo di Maggio
Start-up year: 2000
Cultivated hectares: 4
Address: Via Formale, 24 - Spinetoli (AP)
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The Corradetti family, owners of the Campo di Maggio winery, consists of the couple Enzo, Felicia and their two children, Luigina and Marco. The Corradetti couple, owners of a livestock farm dedicated to milk production, following the crisis in the sector, in May 2000, purchased the land where the vineyards and the winery are currently located. The name of the winery came from the month in which the purchase of the sharecropping fund took place (May). The land available to the Campo di Maggio winery is located in the municipality of Spinetoli at an average altitude of 180 metres above sea level, in the hilly area overlooking the Tronto valley. The particular composition of the company's soils, consisting of sands superimposed in layers of waterproof clay, they allow the roots of the plants to absorb water even in the driest years without resorting to any form of artificial irrigation: this peculiarity allows the vines to reach a natural vegetative balance. The wines obtained from these grapes highlight great organoleptic balance and greater aromatic complexity than those produced by neighbouring companies. The presence of water in the superficial strata of the soil, unusual for the hilly terrain of the area, is testified by a cave with a spring of internal water, located near the company's winery, which is still active today and from which in the past farmers in the area also drew for human consumption. The south-east exposure of the land facilitates, in summer, the natural ventilation of the vineyards due to the constant presence of breezes that blow from the Adriatic Sea towards the Apennine mountains in the morning and from the Apennines towards the sea in the late afternoon. Given the favourable environmental conditions, since 2010 cultivation has started according to the dictates of organic farming which does not involve the use of synthetic substances in the care of the vineyards. In 1997, their sons Marco and Luigina, assisted by the oenologist Massimo Urriani, undertook, in the modern winery, the vinification in just the grapes that were previously sold to other producers in the area. The current range of wines produced includes Falerio DOC, Offida Passerina DOCG, Offida Pecorino DOCG, Rosso Piceno DOC and Rosso Piceno Superiore DOC, all obtained from grapes coming from farm vineyards and without the use of animal products.