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The Grillante Bio sparkling wine is part of the wide range of labels produced by the agricultural cooperative company Cantine Europa founded in 1962 in Petrosino in the province of Trapani.

A cellar that extends over territories overlooking the sea, with a mild and optimal climate for growing vines.

Bio Grillante is an ecological and sustainable sparkling wine throughout its production cycle, obtained with the Charmat method whose waste products are used to make an organic compost.

Grillante is the answer of the territory that is able to produce a sparkling wine with great minerality and freshness, with the flavors and colors of Sicily.

From its name Grillante, it is clear the assonance to the Grillo variety, a sort of synonym of Brillante in the varietal version from which it derives, to describe the richness and personality of a variety that is very versatile for its intrinsic characteristics.

Drinking the Grillante, takes the consumer on a journey of smells and flavors, attributable to the native land of variety, with an expression of typicality and character of the territory, where soil, sun and wind constitute its absolutely original and authentic terroir.




Giallo paglierino con riflessi verdolini.


Profumo floreale con sentori di violetta e frutta tropicale.


Gusto fresco, armonico e strutturato, sapido ed elegante per la sua freschezza acida.



ALCOL 12.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard
COLLECTED Il Grillante nasce inizialmente dalla raccolta nei primissimi giorni di Agosto della varietà Grillo.



LOCATION Coltivato in Sicilia in provincia di Trapani
REFINEMENT Dopo la fermentazione, il vino base di Grillo viene chiarificato e stabilizzato per la preparazione della presa di spuma in autoclave, dove sosta circa 2 mesi per la rifermentazione e maturazione sul lievito. Dopo la presa di spuma, il vino stabilizzato viene inviato all'imbottigliamento.
WINEMAKING Vinificato a temperatura controllata, dopo la pressatura e chiarifica del mosto, mediante di lieviti selezionati.



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Name: Cantine Europa
Cultivated hectares: 6000
Address: SS 115 Km 42, 400 – Petrosino (TP)
Web Site:

Cantine Europa is an agricultural cooperative society founded in 1962 in Petrosino, in the province of Trapani, and is the world's first producer of Grillo. Today the winery has 2,100 members and over 6,000 hectares of cultivated land between the provinces of Trapani, Agrigento and Palermo. Here, the rolling hills of Western Sicily, kissed by the sun and caressed by a mild, well-ventilated climate, overlook the azure blue sea, recreating a unique environment, naturally suited to advanced and selective wine growing. The innumerable combination of factors such as the type of grape "cultivar" (local and international), the characteristics of the soil, the exposure of the vineyards and the wise combination of ancient and modern techniques, makes Cantine Europa a reference point in the sector for almost 60 years, building value to and from the territory. The Winery, in fact, has always been dedicated to the vinification and processing of grapes, musts and/or wines conferred by its members, promoting the enhancement of their wine production. This is because for Cantine Europa the word "territory" is much more than a simple geographical connotation: it is a sense of belonging and an extraordinary blend of rural stories and traditions to be preserved over time. Driven by the desire to let the whole world discover the quality and authenticity of its wine stories, Cantine Europa is facing a challenging process of renewal and repositioning, made of a meeting between tradition and innovation in the name of sustainability. The winery is UNI EN ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001 certified.