Casa Belfi Anfora Bianco 2016



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The "Bianco in Anfora" by Casa Belfi is an evident expression of the biodynamic philosophy applied to the entire production process.
Maximum attention in the vineyard and minimum intervention in the cellar make this wine of great personality. In addition, a brief macerative pause is made in amphora which gives greater complexity to the Chardonnay and Incrocio Manzoni grapes used for the making of this white wine. Aging also takes place partly in steel and partly in amphora on the fine lees. No clarification, filtration or addition of sulfur.
The "Casa Belfi Bianco" on visual examination has a lively and veiled yellow. The first smell is an explosion of freshness. Peel of lime, white flowers and golden apple. The sip is all played on the freshness and ease of drinking, for a flowing and iridescent liquid. Easy to drink wine suited to everyday life but never banal.



Giallo paglierino intenso e velato.


Fruttato, di fiori bianchi, dai rimandi di lievito e dai tratti agrumati croccanti.


Vino di grande freschezza, dalla mineralità sapida, caratterizzato da una piacevole morbidezza ed equilibrato.



VINES Chardonnay, Incrocio Manzoni 2.15
ALCOL 12.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard
COLLECTED Uve vendemmiate nella prima decade di settembre, diraspate e fermentate spontaneamente.



LOCATION San Polo di Piave (TV)
REFINEMENT Sosta per tutto l'inverno nei serbatoi colmi e chiusi con lieviti in sospensione e all'aperto per sfruttare i rigori invernali e stabilizzare naturalmente il vino. Imbottigliamente senza filtrazione.
WINEMAKING Macerazione per 3 giorni e fermentazione sia in acciaio che in anfora.



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Name: Casa Belfi
Start-up year: 1999
Cultivated hectares: 12
Winemaker name: Maurizio Donadi
Address: Via Guizza, 30 - San Polo di Piave (TV)

Casa Belfi is Maurizio Donadi. A young winemaker trained between the Institute of Conegliano and the University of Padua, who found in Albino Armani, a producer with vineyards in various areas of the Veneto, an illuminated bank to carry out his project of healthy viticulture according to nature. It immediately embraces the principles of the Steinerian philosophy, becoming Demeter and continuing to experiment every year in search of a continuous evolution towards a balance and harmony of nature that bring into the bottle all the richness of the varietal and the land without artifice. Fertilizer with manure and green manure, it uses products based on useful microorganisms. In the cellar, it uses indigenous yeasts without stabilization, filtration and clarification. Currently, Maurizio has 12 hectares of vineyards, 8 of which in the San Polo di Piave area and 4 hectares in the Noventa di Piave area. Precursor to some extent of a return to the tradition of the territory, it was consecrated in recent years by his "Colfondo", a tribute to Prosecco of the past obtained by fermentation in the bottle with its own yeasts, without any exogenous intervention. Everything that the earth and the vintage gave to the grapes is locked up in the history of that bottle.