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Cascina degli Ulivi Semplicemente Rosso 2020






Details of wine

Cascina degli Ulivi winery is located in the heart of Monferrato, on the Gavi hills, an area with a strong wine vocation in the Piedmont region.
A winery born from the inspiration of an eccentric winemaker, Stefano Bellotti, who in 1977, at only 18 years of age, took over the family business and decided to marry an ecological vision of agriculture.

In 1984 the Cascina obtained the Biodynamic Certification and since then has managed to tell the territory in a truer way, leaving out of the laws and market rules that have defaced it.

Unfortunately Stefano Bellotti, although he still had much to give to this land, left us prematurely but in the excellent hands of his daughter Ilaria who grew up among these rows.

The Simply Red is a wine that asks for nothing but to be drunk daily. A simple, no-frills wine that needs no interpretation ... so it is! A real testimonial of the Cascina's production philosophy.



Aroma di frutti rossi maturi.


Fresco, corposo e tuttavia facile da bere.


Ravioli di carne.



YEAR 2020
VINES 50% Barbera, 50% Dolcetto
ALCOL 13.50
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard
COLLECTED Dolcetto a metà settembre, in seguito la Barbera a inizio ottobre; entrambe le uve sono raccolte a mano in piccole cassette da 20 kg.



LOCATION Novi Ligure (AL)
GROUND Argillo-calcareo e argillo-ferroso.
REFINEMENT In botti di rovere da 25 hl per 11 mesi. Filtrazione: nessuna. Chiarificazione: decantazione naturale. Solfiti: senza solfiti aggiunti.
WINEMAKING Macerazione: macerazione tradizionale a cappello sommerso per una settimana, usando un 15% di grappoli interi. Fermentazione in botti di rovere da 25 hl per 11 mesi. Fermentazione malolattica: si.



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Name: Cascina degli Ulivi (Stefano Bellotti)
Start-up year: 1977
Cultivated hectares: 22
Address: Strada della Mazzola 12 - Novi Ligure (AL)
Web Site: https://www.cascinadegliulivi.it/

In 1977, just eighteen years old, Stefano Bellotti took over the family farm, located on the border between Piedmont and Liguria, in Novi Ligure. The farm, owned by the Bellotti family since 1930, resides within the Gavi DOCG and was used by his medical father to escape from the city. Stefano began with several crops and a risicato hectare of vines; moreover, thanks to the meeting with one of his first masters, Pietro Toccalino, a neighbour, he learnt the basics of winemaking. Two are the crucial choices of Stefano that radically characterize everything that today represents Cascina degli Ulivi: the first is the way of viticulture, partly forced by the morphology and physiognomy of the soils, acid-ferrous clays, not generous and difficult to cultivate; the second is the ecological agricultural approach, a choice also political, of those times considered strongly anti-progressive, and therefore more difficult than ever. But over the years Stefano realized that he was not alone and began to meet like-minded colleagues, first teachers and then fellow travellers, including Alfredo Roagna, a historic Barbaresco producer, Luigi Brezza, Italy's first biodynamic farmer, and Jean-Pierre Frick, an Alsatian biodynamic producer. Today Stefano Bellotti is remembered as one of the pioneers of natural wine, as well as an ambassador of biodynamic agriculture.