Castorani Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Casauria Riserva Bio 2017




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The evidence of the history of the ancient Castorani farm dates back to 1793 and today the revival of this cellar, after a period of decay, is linked to the will of a group of friends who decide to invest in producing a selection of wines that consider the Abruzzi lands .

Within this group of friends, the figure of Jarno Trulli ex Formula 1 driver stands out, who after hanging the wheel on the nail, decides to return to his homeland and realize his wine dream.

The winery is located in an ideal position for the production of vineyards, nestled between the Majella National Park and the Adriatic coast, enjoying exposure to the sun and strong temperature changes that give unique qualities to the grapes.

The grape variety par excellence cultivated in the organic regime within this company is Montepulciano d'Abbruzzo since this Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Riserva 2014 was born.

A classic of the Abruzzo production that stands out for its elegance and finesse, the wine that can be left safely aged in the cellar where it amplifies all its territorial characteristics.

It goes well with roasted meats, game and aged cheeses.



Rosso rubino compatto.


Intenso bouquet con note di ciliegia in confettura, amarena, more, ginepro, china, cacao, grafite, spezie scure, cuoio, tabacco insieme a toni minerali e balsamici.


In bocca il vino è pieno, avvolgente, succoso con una trama tannica finissima e il ritorno dei sentori fruttati e speziati nel finale lungo e persistente.


Si abbina con carni arrosto, selvaggina e formaggi stagionati.



YEAR 2017
TRAINING SYSTEM Tendone tradizionale abruzzese.
ALCOL 14.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



CLASSIFICATION DOC Montepulciano d?Abruzzo
LOCATION Castorani, all'interno della proprietá nel comune di Alanno
GROUND Argilloso ricco di scheletro in profonditá.
REFINEMENT 12 mesi fusti di legno "sur lies" e successivi 6 mesi in vasca. Affinamento in bottiglia: oltre 15 mesi.
WINEMAKING Fermentazione a 30 ºC a cappello galleggiante con frequenti rimontaggi e "délestages", macerazione per oltre 40 giorni in vasche da 150 hl. Fermentazione malolattica: durante la macerazione sotto vinaccia.



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Name: Castorani
Start-up year: 2002
Cultivated hectares: 35
Winemaker name: Angelo Molisani
Address: Alanno (PE)
Web Site:

The earliest records of this estate go back to the year 1793.This gorgeous property was part of Lady Adelina Ruggeri De' Capobianchi's dowry when she married the illustrious Raffaele Castorani, who's fame came from his years as a teacher at the Sorbonne in Paris and mostly from the development of the first cataract eye surgery. Ever since, the estate has been known as Villa Castorani. Later, another famous person acquired the estate, Antonio Casulli, born in Sardinia. Later, he became an International Law professor at the University of Naples, and went on to teach in Tokyo where he even earned the respect of the emperor Hirohito. It was during this time that the estate of Villa Castorani really developed with the acquisition of over 490 acres of cultivated land. After Casulli's death, the entire estate was divided, and thus began its decline. The Villa was abandoned and it seemed like all the wine making traditions were lost. The decline continued for many years, until 1999, when the estate's history and luster of yore were brought back to life thanks to the tenacious will of a group of friends, now business partners in the company. Each member personally supervises all the phases required for wine production: from the loving cultivation of the grapes, to the very careful harvest, the vinification, the promotion and the commercialization of the products. The absolute obstinacy, typical of the people from the Abruzzi region, the respect for the traditions and mostly the uncompromising pursuit of the best products, give Villa Castorani's wines the best character obtainable. The bottles of wine from the estate tell a beautiful story of passion, tradition and quality. Villa Castorani lies in an ideal setting: in the municipality of Alanno, in the province of Pescara, between the Majella national park and the nearby Adriatic sea. Sitting at 350 meters above sea level, it enjoys ideal sun exposure and night winds, and consequently, great thermal range. All of it gives the wines their unique and precious character. Today, like in the past, everything rotates around the beautiful Villa Castorani. The estate now sits on 75 acres of luxuriant and uncontaminated countryside. The grapes cultivated here are mostly red Montepulciano d'Abruzzo and whites Trebbiano d'Abruzzo, Malvasia, Cococciola, Pecorino and Passerina. There is also an area where new experimental varietals are tested. The average age of the vineyards is over 30 years. All the area is cultivated following strict organic guidelines: neither chemical pesticides nor fertilizers are used.