Vouette et Sorbée Champagne Extrait Brut Nature 2010

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The vines of Vouette & sorbée, with an average age of 21, have their roots in a field of 5 hectares of the upper Jurassic. The harvest is purely manual and develops in about 3 weeks. From this point everything is simple: without pumping, the juice is poured into 400-liter drums, parts or barrels, of your choice. All winery operations are made by people who work the vineyards of the area, fully aware, involved and proud of themselves.



Giallo paglierino brillante.


Grande complessità e intensità: sentori di delicati fiori bianchi e piccoli frutti rossi (ribes e amarena), di frutta secca, pan brioche e di vaniglia.


Al sorso, grande slancio fresco e minerale, si sviluppa in una fitta trama aromatica con struttura sostenuta ed energia inarrestabile. Chiude lungo e armonico.


Ottimo come aperitivo, si accompagna bene a carpacci di pesce, piatti di mare poco elaborati, tempure e crudité di verdure.



YEAR 2010
ALCOL 12.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



LOCATION Domaine Vouette et Sorbée (France)
WINEMAKING Le fermentazioni sono dovute ai lieviti presenti sulla fioritura delle bacche. L'elevage prosegue fino a primavera quando avviene naturalmente la fermentazione malolattica.
PERLAGE Perlage fine.



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Name: Domaine Vouette et Sorbée
Cultivated hectares: 5
Address: Buxières-sur-Arce (France)
Web Site: www.vouette-et-sorbee.com

Anchored on the grounds of the Upper Jurassic Champagne, the 5 hectares of vineyards have an average age of 21 years. More than 3/4 of the plantations are on Kimmeridgian hillsides, the last quarter is a fragmented plate in pure Portlandian and receives fine pinots (locality Sorbée). The grape variety, currently dominated by Pinot Noirs, is slowly evolving towards more Chardonnay because of our Chablisian proximity: pedology, climate, fauna, flora, density of plantation, internal surface of clays ... All the year we are five to work, helped during the shots by some friends, students, brothers-in-law, family and trainees. The culture is very worried, the composts fermented at the end of the vine, the heavy tractor gone, the fruit trees replanted, the cows tamed, in short ... that happiness! The domain is certified Organic Farming and DEMETER by Quality France since 1998. Nothing chemical, synthetic zero, only life !!! The picking is manual and spread over about 3 weeks. A traditional vertical chestnut provides pressing. From this stage everything is simple: without pumping, the juices are decanted and go down in the barrels of 400 liters, pieces or leaflets ... to the choice. The fermentations are done thanks to the yeasts present on the berry pruine. The breeding continues until the spring which will naturally start the malolactic fermentations. Then rest the setting, the foam on slats, riddling on desks, disgorging on the fly, finally the dressing. All cellar operations are done by the people who work the vineyards of the estate in order to be fully aware, involved and proud of themselves. Bertrand Gautherot