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Cianfagna Sator Gran Maestro Tintilia 2011

SATOR wine is the flagship of the company. Produced by tintyled grapes only, with only flower must. It is a "ruffiano" wine that immediately conquers you with elegant Bordeaux. Important shoulders, a red fire wax seal and a small parchment that reveals the label's sense of magic: the magic square. An inscription in Latin, engraved on a stone of Templar origin, found in the town of Acquaviva Collecroce, a refreshment point for the Templars crossing Italy to arrive in the Holy Land and in many other parts of the world. A mysterious formula, 5 words of 5 letters that can be read in both directions and on each side of the square. At the opening of the bottle the color is decisive and full, a fine ruby ??red with shades tending to the mature, as you expect from the typical this grape. The scent of fruit is intense, with clear hints of blackberry and black cherries prevail over plum and undergrowth. Pouring the alcohol note is warm and enveloping (we are talking about a wine with 14.5% alcohol) but well supported by the elegant tannic component, harmonious and balanced; continuing to eat by surprise the strength of alcohol is no longer felt; the finish is still pleasantly bitter, as is typical of tintily. . . and the memory still thrilling. . .
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Expert Year Vote
Gambero Rosso 2011
Veronelli 2011
James Suckling 2011 3

Vintage 2011

Alcol 14.50%

Format 0,75 L Standard

Intense ruby red
Warm, alcoholic and full and enveloping but well-supported by the elegant tannic component
Intense. hints of blackberry and black cherry, plum and undergrowth, spices accents
More details
Type N/A
Classification DOC Tintilia del Molise
Temperature 18-20
Decantazione 1 hour
Dry Extract 35.0 g/l
Soil Clayey, limestone
Density Approx. 6 treatments per year with sulfur and copper (natural stones only); no mushroom and pest problems do not use systemic treatments (which enter the lymphatic system of the plant); there is no irrigation.
Vinification It matures in steel tanks for 18/24 months, followed by aging in bottles for at least 3 months. FILTERS: No filtration is performed to avoid undressing wine and not to lose its typical characteristics
System Spalliera, cordone speronato. La pianta è rustica e vigorosa, non è facilmente attaccata da agenti patogeni e muffe, gradisce gli sbalzi termici quindi predilige le colline interne, molto soleggiate di giorno e fresche di sera. li grappolo è piccolo e spargolo. gli acini sono piccoli, la buccia è spessa e i vinaccioli sono numerosi in media 2 /3 per chicco, per cui la resa è bassa. L'esposizione a sud, l'impianto a spalliera, il microclima collinare e la mano del produttore permettono alla pianta di esprimersi comunque al meglio. Inoltre l'attento lavoro fatto sulla vite per riequilibrare l'aspetto vegetativo e la selezione dei grappoli ancora verdi in modo da lasciare solo quelli meglio esposti e più vigorosi abbassano maggiormente la resa per ettaro.
Production Manual harvest, mid-late October. Grape grapes pigmentation and traditional fermentation in red with peel maceration of 12 to 15 days at controlled temperature and daily replenishment. The only butter must be extracted and followed by spontaneous malolactic fermentation.
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Climate N/A
Produzione annua 0
Harvest N/A
Sistema allevamento N/A
Tecnica produzione N/A
Periodo fermentazione N/A
Affinamento N/A
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