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Clemens Busch Riesling (alter) native 2016

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Details of wine

Clemens and Rita Busch are a young couple of winemakers with very high quality and originality productions.

Ambassadors of biodynamic techniques, they work purely by hand on the steep slopes of the Moselle, engaging in heroic viticulture given the great problems that these territories present.

Hard work is however rewarded by live and healthy soils that give unique characteristics to their labels.

The Native Riesling (alter) that originates in this area, maintains the balance between acidity and minerality many times ruined by prolonged maceration.

The Riesling is bottled without filtration with the yeasts still in suspension.

A wine for true amateurs, complex and absolutely particular.




Giallo paglierino lievemente velato.


Pesca bianca e scorza di lime, interessanti note di lievito.


Ampia mineralità e freschezza, netto e piacevolmente rustico.


Ottimo accostamento con formaggi stagionati, carpacci di pesce e salumi.



YEAR 2016
ALCOL 11.50
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



LOCATION Pünderich (Germany)



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Name: Weingut Clemens Busch
Cultivated hectares: 16
Address: Kirchstraße 37 - Pünderich (Germany)
Web Site: www.clemens-busch.de

Clemens Busch took over the reins of the family business in 1986, although he has always supported his father in the vineyard work. Clemens is a firm believer in natural methods combined with traditional practices, which can best respect nature and give the wines maximum territorial expressiveness. The winery, located in the heart of the Moselle, owns 16 of the 25 hilly hectares of the well-known "Marienburg" vineyard (80 hectares in total, of which only 25 are located in the hills), in the village of Pünderich, where the winery is located. This vineyard, from which Clemens derives most of his production, is considered one of the most beautiful spots in the Moselle: with a southern exposure, it is located right next to the Moselle, on the right bank, and has a dizzying slope that makes mechanical processing absolutely impossible. Over time, Clemens has acquired a monopoly on various plots of this wonderful vineyard, located on soils of different nature and characterized by different micro-climates. Clemens uses capsules of three colours on the bottles to indicate the three distinct types of schist present in the Marienburg vineyard (grey, red and blue). The vineyards are at least 40 years old and the Riesling grape accounts for 99% of production. The cuvées produced are indicated by the name of the plots to which they belong: Fahrlay, Falkenlay, Rothenpfad and Felsterrasse. 80% of the wines are vinified in very old 10 hectolitre barrels, the youngest of which is 48 years old.