Collemassari Montecucco Riserva 2016

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It is right at the foot of Mount Amiata, in the province of Grosseto and more precisely in the area of ??Cinigiano, where Montecucco Riserva "Collemassari" is born. Red wine with great charisma and personality that tells of his homeland or the Maremma. Wine that is enhanced by strictly organic farming conducted by the Collemassari winery. Careful not to take away anything that nature, the environment and biodiversity can give to the DNA of the wine produced.
The "ColleMassari" Rosso Riserva Montecucco is produced from selected grapes and harvested by hand towards the end of September, the beginning of October. The grapes, once arrived in the cellar, are gently pressed and moved only by fall, without the use of pumps or other mechanical means. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in open wooden vats of about 10 quintals of capacity and in steel containers, with daily manual punching down. The wine is then drawn off and is left to age in oak barrels and French barriques for at least 18 months and then matured for 12 months in the bottle.
This Tuscan red has a very broad olfactory spectrum, aromas of red fruit such as cherry, blueberry and blueberry alternate with floral notes of violets and aromatic herbs. Warm wine, soft on the palate, with gentle tannins. Wine that goes very well with everyday life.



Rubino terso.


L'aroma fruttato è pieno di carisma e bilanciato. Si apprezzano note di legno di cedro e raffinate spezie con sentori di fragola, amarena e leggero ribes nero.


Nonostante la sua complessità aromatica, è molto raffinato ed elegante, a dimostrazione della sua alta qualità. I tannini sono presenti e perfettamente accompagnati dalla struttura robusta. Retrogusto fresco e terroso.


Pasta, carni alla griglia, bistecca, agnello, piatti a base di funghi, selvaggina di penna, bistecca alla fiorentina.



YEAR 2016
VINES 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Ciliegiolo, 80% Sangiovese
ALCOL 14.50
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



LOCATION Cinigiano (GR)
GROUND Suoli di arenaria alternati a suoli di marna, terreni ferrosi e argillosi calcarei e depositi di ghiaia.
REFINEMENT Anche la fermentazione malolattica avviene nelle cisterne di acciaio. La metà del vino invecchia poi per ulteriori 18 mesi in barrique e botti di rovere, 50% delle quali nuove e il restante 50% di secondo o terzo passaggio.
WINEMAKING La fermentazione del mosto dura circa 25-39 giorni in cisterne di acciaio inossidabile a temperatura controllata (27-30 °C).



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Name: Colle Massari
Start-up year: 1977
Cultivated hectares: 30
Winemaker name: Maurizio Castelli, Luca Marrone
Address: Castagneto Carducci (LI)
Web Site:

The sister and brother Maria Iris and Claudio Tipa, who have always shared theirs passion for nature and grat wines, fulfilled their fream creating a "Domaine" in Tuscany. The ColleMassari today comprises two estates: The Castello di ColleMassari, purchased in 1999 and Grattamacco, run under leasehold since 2002 and successively purchased in 2007. Castello ColleMassari was founded in 1998 and is part of the Montecucco DOC area in upper Maremma, wich is ideal for the growing of Sangioves grapevines, and is situated between the DOCG area of Brunello di Montalcino and DOCG Morellino di Scansano. The first vintage produced was 2000. The estate of Castello ColleMassari is situated in the foothills of Mount Amiata, at 320m asl and oriented towards the Tyrrhenian coast. It enjoys a very favourable microclimate of consistent ventiation and strong thermal excursions. The farm extends over some 350 hectares, with 74 hectares of vineyard, 22 of olive groves and 100 hectares of mixed crop. The remaining area is woodlands and the whole farm is surrounded by a state forest covering some 1,200 hectares. The fermentation of the more important wines will take place in truncated cone shaped vats, holding 1,000 litres and stirring is manual, whereas the other wines will go through temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. The aging, following the type of wine, will take place for 12 to 18 months in barrique, holding 225 litres, and tonneau, holding 500 litres, and in barrels of Slavonian oak, holding 40 hectolitres. Bottle refinement will be superior to 6 months with all red wines. The vertical structure of the cellars on four levels allows the moving of the grapes and of the must without pumps.