Domaine de Juchepie Les Monts de Juchepie Anjou Blanc 2016

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The Domaine De Juchepie was born almost by chance after the purchase of a house destined to become a summer residence but then transformed into the center of production of this cellar.

Located inside the 'Coteaux du Layon', which has always been a land of noble wines of great fame, it extends for about 6 hectares.

Since 2007 the bio-dynamic approach guarantees productions where the figure of the plant is central, where the use of biodynamic preparations, respect for the lunar calendar and all biodiversity help to make wines that are the most expression of the territory.

Les Monts de Juchepie Anjou Blanc is a true synthesis of the different terroirs of the Domaine de Juchepie grown with the utmost respect for biological and biodynamic methods.

A wine that conquers for its mineral structure and that almost tannin density in the mouth, typical of the wines of this Domaine.



Note di frutta bianca e liquirizia.


In bocca è pieno, potente e dona una sensazione di freschezza e rettitudine.


Carni bianche e naturalmente piatti a base di formaggio (formaggio di capra).



YEAR 2016
ALCOL 14.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard
COLLECTED Manuale in casse.



LOCATION Faye (France)
GROUND Arenaria, riolite.
REFINEMENT 12 mesi in barrique.
WINEMAKING Pressatura manuale lenta in verticale. Fermentazione senza lievito.



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Name: Domaine de Juchepie
Cultivated hectares: 6
Address: Faye (France)
Web Site: www.juchepie.fr

When, in 1985, my wife and myself, discovered a "longère", a traditionnal farmstyle house, on top of a hill planted with old vines, we had not the slightest idea where this would eventualy lead us to. It was supposed to become our beloved holydayhome, and far from us was any thought of exploiting a vineyard here some day. Of course, the choice of the place was not entirely random. Our passion of wine had lead us to "Juchepie" , a beautiful slope at the heart of the "Coteaux du Layon", where very reputed noblesweet wines had been made for centuries. Even when we heard that also a small vineyard belonged to the property, we only found this to be a merely pleasurable detail. The property had no infrastructure for winegrowing whatsoever. And still, very soon, matured the idea that we wanted more from our 0.35 ha vineyard, than a tasty wine made by some befriended winegrowers. So we took already the decision, at that early stage, to switch, when I would be 50 (in 2001) our activity in de hardwaretrade for a life as winegrowers in France. This gave us about 15 years time to establish a patrimony and a small structure. And so, on the 1st of October 2001, we moved permanentely to Juchepie, hoping to add,on the, in the meantime 6 ha, of excellent vines, a new chapter to the "Coteaux du Layon - Faye" story.