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Domaine Marie Thibault Touraine Azay Le Rideau Premier Nez 2015

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Details of wine

Marie Thibault's estate is located on Azay, on 3.5 hectares of land on a slope. While not coming from a family of producers, Marie has always been in contact with the winemakers, dreaming of settling in the Loire Valley. His wine production began in 2004, but in 2010 he found these beautiful vineyards and focused on organic farming. Among his productions, this Premier Nez is a dry, silky and elegant white wine to pair with white meat, grilled fish and at the end of a meal with an apple tart.



Un buon vino da gustare come aperitivo con «foie gras». Per il pasto: carni bianche come pollo con verdure fresche, pesce e frutti di mare alla griglia o crudo. Formaggi di capra come «St Maure». Crostata di mele, prugne di mirabeli in umido servite tiepide con gelato al caramello. Cheese-cake.



YEAR 2015
TRAINING SYSTEM Nessun uso di prodotti chimici sintetici, nessun erbicida. Trattamenti ridotti al minimo necessario e sono fatti solo di rame e zolfo.
ALCOL 12.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



REFINEMENT Nessuna filtrazione prima dell'imbottigliamento.
WINEMAKING Fermentazione alcolica e malolattica (15 mesi) in botti da 600 litri in cantina ad arco in tufo. Le fermentazioni sono spontanee con lieviti indigeni, senza chaptalization, il 13% del vino è secco con solo 35 mg / L di anidride solforosa.
RETURN HALF 35hl / Ha (anziché 60 HL / Ha per AOC Touraine)



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Name: Domaine Marie Thibault
Start-up year: 2002
Cultivated hectares: 3
Winemaker name: Marie Thibault
Address: Azay-Le-Rideau (France)

Marie Thibault’s estate is located on Azay the rideau appellation on a 3.5 ha plot gathered on one slope. She comes from the beloved Loire valley and grew up in the vineyard. Even if not from a producer family, she has always been in contact with friends and neighbors winegrowers (Richoux family, Pascal Robineau) and her dream was to settle one day … in the Loire Valley ! She makes wine since 2002 at François Chidaine’s estate and since 2004 by her own. In 2010, she found these beautiful vines – 50 years old – in good shape, and decided to start yet ! Right with the settling, all the culture follows the organic rules and the first vintage certified will be 2014. The soil is made of white clay with silex, on a South exposure for 2,5 ha, an early area. Rain falls are low respecting to the average and the slope is well ventilated and dry, offering a panoramic view on both Loire and Indre. Vines planted are typical of the area : Chenin, Côt, Gamay, Sauvignon and Grolleau – this last one is particularly well adapted to this place. This is historical terroir and the first written dealing with old varieties of Grolleau have been discovered in 1810 in Cinq Mars la Pile, 5 km from Marie’s estate.