Dominio Do Bibei Ribeira Sacra Lalama 2015

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The Ribeira sacra is an area of Galicia that has always been a protagonist of Spanish winemaking. In this land there is the Cantina Dominio de Bibei at the forefront of the use of biological techniques in the production of its wines. Lalama is a 90% wine made by Mencia and 10% by Brancellao, Mouratón, Souson and Grenache (10%). Harvesting is done manually in small 10 kg boxes. Each variety is collected separately. A first selection of grapes takes place in the vineyard and a second one is performed in the cellar. The grapes are de-stemmed and each grain is selected. Lalama 2014 is a linear and precise wine. In this excellent vintage, the aromas of red berries combine perfectly with good acidity. A wine to discover the great potential of Ribeira Sacra. It goes well with white meats, soup, grilled lamb, spicy fish stews and spicy dishes



Color rosso brillante.


Aromi minerali e di conserve a bacca rossa, spezie asiatiche e pot-pourri.


In bocca offre scoppiettanti note di ribes e fragola che guadagnano dolcezza con l'aria. Sul finale è leggermente tannico e si attarda con soave persistenza.



YEAR 2015
VINES Cannonau, 90% Mencia, Brancellao
TRAINING SYSTEM Goblet e doppio cordone.
ALCOL 13.50
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard
COLLECTED La raccolta è stato fatta a mano con cassette da 10 kg. I grappoli sono stati raccolti per varietà. Si inizia il 6 settembre e si termina il 4 ottobre.



LOCATION Manzaneda
GROUND Ardesia, argilla e granito.
REFINEMENT 20 mesi sui propri lieviti, poi stagiona per il 35% in botti da 45 hl e per il 65% in botti di rovere francesce da 35 e 25 hl il 1°,2° e il 3°. Chiarificazione con bianco d'uovo e filtrazione. Soggiorno in bottiglia per 14 mesi.
WINEMAKING La fermentazione avviene in botti da 500 litri aperte per il 15% e il resto botti. Drenaggio manuale. Macerazione per 2 o 3 settimane a seconda della varietà. Svinatura manuale. Pressa verticale. Fermentazione malolattica completa.
PRODUCTION Dopo il raccolto i grappoli sono messi in cella frigorifera per 24 ore a 2 ° C. I grappoli vengono scelti a mano nei vigneti e anche in cantina. Diraspatura.



Wine Spectator 2013 90
Wine Spectator 2014 90
Wine Advocated 2008 91
Wine Advocated 2011 91
Wine Advocated 2015 92
Wine Advocated 2016 93

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Name: Dominio Do Bibei
Cultivated hectares: 45
Address: Terra de Trives Ocaniero Manzaneda - Galicai Ourense (Spain)
Web Site:

Dominio do Bibei is located in the Quiroga-Bibei sub-zone of the Ribeira Sacra D.O. Like all Ribeira Sacra sub-zones, this area is one of spectacular mountain ranges and flowing rivers, but it is drier and harsher than the other sub-zones. Javier Domínguez is the author of this crazy adventure to recapture a once grand vineyard. Old terraces are being restructured and new plantings are afoot. Dominio do Bibei is a 125-hectare estate with approximately 45 hectares planted today. Javier’s vision of austerity and respect for the history is reflected in the winery and its simple design. Gravity rules. There are no stainless steel tanks; wood or cement are the vehicles of choice and they come in all different sizes. The idea is to return to the past to rediscover what was once here, so the estate follows many of the ideas of biodynamic viticulture to obtain the purest expression of this terruño. Planted on these terraces are old vines of Mencía, Garnacha, Brancellao and Mouratón. New plots are being planted using cuttings from these old vines so as to maintain clonal diversity in the vineyard. In addition to the red varietals, there are plantings of white grape varietals such as Doña Blanca, Godello and Albariño (the cuttings of this last grape being from Do Ferreiro). The sites vary greatly based on the orientation of the plots and the soil types. Because this is a transition zone which touches Valdeorras, soils of slate, granite and clay are interspersed among the hillsides.