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Dr. Loosen Riesling Blauschiefer 2016

The name of the Riesling Trocken "Blauschiefer" (blue plate) dates back to the 18th century and comes from the color of the lands around the villages of Bernkastel, Graach and Wehlen: that typical bluish slate covering the entire valley of the Moselle. The Moselle Riesling Trocken's 2014 vintage "Blauschiefer" Dr Loosen, not only classified as Mosel Prädikatswein but also as Gutswein by the VDP Producers Association, we like its vibrant minerality and fruity soul, a true distinctive trait of This wine, which remains pleasantly glued to the palate.


Expert Year Vote
Wine Advocated 2015 88

Vintage 2016

Wine zones 100% Riesling

Alcol 12.00%

Format 0,75 L Standard

Yellowish green.
Fisheries and minerality of slate are unmistakable even on the palate, where the delicate structure is perfectly harmonized with the acidic and sapid note. Finish clean and lively.
Classic nose of the Riesling of the Moselle, fruity and intensely mineral with spicy and herbaceous notes to peep.
It blends perfectly with light fish or seafood dishes, such as a delicate tuna sashimi, or a light first dish as an asparagus risotto.
More details
Type Riesling
Classification QbA Mosel-Saar-Ruwer
Temperature 6-8
Location St. Johannishof Bernkastel/Mosel (Germany)
Ulteriori dettagli
More Information
Location St. Johannishof Bernkastel/Mosel (Germany)
Climate N/A
Produzione annua 0
Harvest N/A
Sistema allevamento N/A
Tecnica produzione N/A
Periodo fermentazione N/A
Affinamento N/A

Address: Weingut Dr. Loosen - St. Johannishof Bernkastel/Mosel (Germany)

Web site:

Year of starter: 1988


Produced bottles:

Hectares: 20

Ernst Loosen was born into a great tradition of German winemaking. Since the Dr. Loosen estate on the Mosel River has been in his family for over 200 years, you’d think it only natural for Ernst to take up the family legacy as a profession. The truth is, though, that as a youngster Ernst was more fascinated by the numerous Roman ruins in the area than by the family vineyards. So he went off to college to study archaeology. In the mid-’80s, however, Ernst was faced with a decision. His father was ready to turn the estate over to the next generation and none of his brothers or sisters were old enough or interested enough to take it on. We could be melodramatic and say that it was time for Ernst to face his destiny, but really it was more of an odd-man-out decision. Happily, as it turns out, Ernst found his true calling among the broken slate of his family’s vineyards rather than the hewn stones of an old Roman ruin.

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