Emidio Pepe Trebbiano d'Abruzzo 2019

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Do not be afraid to breathe the glittering gold that falls into the cup, initially enigmatic, unexpressed, even biting. Only in this way it will begin to unravel, under the halo mineral kit stratified and sui generis of broom and chamomile, plum and peach, marjoram and elder, white pepper, toasted hazelnut, slightly smoky, humus and roots. Elegant rusticity, maliciously saline, sip fresh and lively assisted by residual carbon, tasty and satisfying richness of extract.



Oro scintillante.


Corredo stratificato diginestra e camomilla, susina e pesca, maggiorana e sambuco, pepe bianco, nocciola tostata, lieve fumé, humus e radici.


Rusticità elegante sorso fresco e brioso assistito da residua carbonica, saporoso e appagante per ricchezza d'estratto.



YEAR 2019
ALCOL 13.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



CLASSIFICATION DOC Trebbiano d'Abruzzo
LOCATION Torano Nuovo (TE)
GROUND Argilloso medio impasto.
REFINEMENT In bottiglia.
WINEMAKING Viticoltura: in vigna si usano solo cristalli di rame e zolfo di miniera, non diamo diserbanti o concimi chimici. Vengono fatti i sovesci solo nelle annate in cui il vigneto ne ha bisogno. Vinificazione: pigiata con i piedi in una vasca di legno. Fermenta sana in vasche di cemento vetrificate da 22 o 30 hl, senza aggiunta di lieviti selezionati. Poi viene imbottigliato a mano con sifone e cannella di canna, senza chiarificare e senza filtrare.
RETURN HALF 80/90 q.li/ha



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Name: Emidio Pepe
Start-up year: 1964
Cultivated hectares: 10
Address: Torano Nuovo (TE)
Web Site: www.emidiopepe.com

The art of wine in the PEPE FIRM, hands down from father to son, since good 4 generations. In 1899 the founder of the family, Emidio Pepe was already well known for his excellent wine, which was born with fresh grapes that can be found on the Toran hillsides and on 1944, his son Giuseppe was alreading selling wine. In 1964 Emidio Pepe, grandson of the founder of the firm, looking ahead, understood the great qualities of the "Montepulciano d'Abruzzo" and begun selling it in bottles as if it was "Black Gold". Today his daughter Daniela and Sofia Pepe continue with a great passion in producing famous wines, respecting all the methods their fathers used 40 years before. In the last few years Daniela & Sofia with the typical tenacity of the Pepe Family and the fearlessness of their youth and spirit have enlarged the properties and elevated the production for the wine cellar, always under the vigilant protection of their father Emidio Pepe with his great experience! The achievement of this project of life which is tied-up with its passion, must be also recognized to his wife ROSA, that has always encouraged his challenges; not only in wine cellars, where he dedicated much time to the delicate decanting procedures, but also in the kitchen, offering to all his guests that visit him at the Toranesi hills, his typical dishes regarding the Teramana traditions. A firm established by a family very close to their land giving their soul & personality throughout traditions…Where even time has not interfered but only strengthened values & virtues, in passing from one generation to another.