Feudo Montoni Cataratto del Masso 2021

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Imagine being in a place where you listen to nature, where the vineyards are touched as little as possible and moved only by gravity, where the times inside the cellar are slow and are not stressed by the frenzy, where the wines rest, are refined and they reach perfection .... then you are in the Feudi Montoni Company.
Here the tool that makes perfection achievable is only one, the human hands that are the cornerstone of all activity.
A very interesting production is the Masso Cataratto which takes its name from the cru from which the grapes come. The name originates from the block of sandy rocky structure with red stones with a high iron component. This strong mineral structure gives the wine particular flavor and freshness.
Straw yellow color with notes of laurel and mint. The taste is fresh, a good flavor and a fruity aromatic intent.
Excellent with white meats and as an aperitif.



Giallo con lucenti riflessi verdognoli.


Delicate note di alloro e menta, con sentori agrumati di lumie. Ritorni minerali.


Molto fresco e persistente, con spiccata acidità e bilanciata sapidità, lunga intensità aromatica di frutto e freschezza.


Pesce, carni bianche, formaggi freschi. Piacevole come aperitivo.



YEAR 2021
ALCOL 13.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard
COLLECTED Manuale, in cassette.



LOCATION Cammarata (AG)
GROUND Roccia sabbiosa ferrosa.
REFINEMENT Sur lies con batonnage in cemento per 6 mesi.
PLANTS FOR HECTARE 2.600 ceppi per ettaro.
WINEMAKING Fermentazione in contenitore di cemento a contatto con le bucce per un quarto della fermentazione.



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Name: Feudo Montoni
Start-up year: 1469
Cultivated hectares: 30
Winemaker name: Fabio Sireci
Address: Contrada Montoni Vecchi - Cammarata (AG)
Web Site: www.feudomontoni.it

In 1469 A.D., in the heart of Sicily, within the Principality of Villanova, the noble Aragonese family Abatellis built the baglio (a typical Sicilian court square building). Now, six hundred years later, our wines are made in the same cellars, and on the same land. Already in 1595 Andrea Bacci, agronomist and doctor of Pope Sisto V, praised in the pages of “De Naturali Vinorum Historia”, the first treatise of Italian Enology, the wine – growing tradition and the quality of the wine produced in these lands. In the late 1800s, the history of Feudo Montoni was bound together by the Sireci family when Fabio’s grandfather, Rosario, purchased Feudo Montoni, recognizing the particular characteristics of the land and its biodiversity. He found ancient vines, such as Perricone, Nero d’Avola and Catarratto. He especially fell in love with the wines from these grapes that present features of unusual elegance. That’s why he bought Feudo Montoni, guardian of the secret. Elio - Fabio’s father – selected the best plants of the estate by Mass Selection in the late 1960s. He then planted new vineyards and modernized the cellar. Elio handed down his passion and respect for nature on to his son Fabio, teaching him work ethics, the sacrifice for the achievement of a goal. This work, if performed with dedication and love, becomes a “wonderful journey” through life. For the past 30 years, Fabio has continued the work of his grandfather and father, acting as a guardian of the ancient plants and their grapes. Fabio, knowing how important his mission is, studies the past in order to look towards the future. The invention of tradition becomes the slogan of Fabio’s decisions. Fabio personally takes part in each step of the production process, from the vineyard to the cellar. Fabio’s wines , “… are very special: they have the grace of the great red wines not only for its structural richness, generally something ordinary, but for their richness of elegance, style and class…”.