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Francesco Rinaldi Barolo Brunate 2014

The predominant notes are violet, heather and powder, the mouth is very balanced for a Barolo Rinaldi at this stage of development, with a particular nobility of tannin.
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Expert Year Vote
Gambero Rosso 2010
Veronelli 2010
Veronelli 2012
Bibenda 2010
Bibenda 2012
Wine Spectator 2010 90
Wine Advocated 2008 94
James Suckling 2010 2

Vintage 2014

Wine zones 100% Nebbiolo

Alcol 14.00%

Format 0,75 L Standard

More details
Type Nebbiolo
Classification DOCG Barolo
Temperature 18-20
Decantazione 1 hour
Location Barolo. Subzones: Cannubi, San Lorenzo, Brunate, Le Coste, Ravera
Soil Clay
Vinification It is carried out in stainless steel tanks or concrete with systems for automatic replacement for a period of 20 - 30 days.
System Controspalliera + potatura guyot modificato ad archetto
Aging It is aged in oak casks of medium and large capacity (20 to 50 hl) for at least three years. After bottling, the wine continues to improve in elegance and harmony for many years.
Ulteriori dettagli
More Information
Location Barolo. Subzones: Cannubi, San Lorenzo, Brunate, Le Coste, Ravera
Climate N/A
Produzione annua 0
Harvest N/A
Sistema allevamento N/A
Tecnica produzione N/A
Periodo fermentazione N/A
Affinamento N/A

Address: Barolo (CN)

Web site:

Year of starter: 1870


Produced bottles:


A date, 1870, and a coat of arms, etched on a "barrel vault", in the oldest part of the cellar, Barolo. An important starting point in summarizing a look decades of history, and it portrays a past of passion for the hills of the Barolo area, of hard work and dedication to a land that has given so much. The intuition of John Rinaldi that, in the nineteenth century had understood the importance of the farm purchased on the hill planted with vineyards, has been carried on by his children and grandchildren, to get to and Piera Paola Rinaldi, the current holders of ' company. In recent decades the Barolo was the star that combines history and tradition, two aspects that Michele Rinaldi, one of four children of John, has been able to offer throughout Italy, in the early '900. A passion that has made strong the brand of the winery that, since 1922, after the family division, has been named Francesco Rinaldi, the youngest of the sons of John. And from here Cannubbio bottles of Barolo, Barolo Brunate, were present on the tables that have made history, also of Italy, for example in 1949, when the membership of our country in the North Atlantic Treaty. A clear sign of how dedication to Langa has brought the wine to be the protagonist. In the 60's continue the work of the family Luciano and Michael, sons of Francis, and the company grew steadily until today. Since the '90s, thanks to Paola and Piera, capable and attentive to the modern market, the name of Francesco Rinaldi conquest abroad: the United States, the main market, alongside the Northern Europe and the Orient. The company's philosophy, made of Barolo, history and tradition, continues from that hill, two centuries earlier, he had fascinated Giovanni Rinaldi

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