Ghizzano Nambrot 2017



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This wine is the result of Tenuta di Ghizzano researches. It was first made in 1996, using Merlot grapes, and has evolved over the years into a blend together with Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot, demonstrating the potency, warmth and character that our territory can express. It is named after the founder of the Venerosi family, whose name was Nambrot and who lived in 830.



Rubino splendente.


Una raffinata girandola odorosa, con note di frutti di bosco e felce, vegetale nobile, cacao, tabacco conciato e refoli minerali.


In bocca il sorso è adornato da tannino serico e generosa massa glicerica; ben fusa la componente fresco-sapida. Lunga e variegata la persistenza.



YEAR 2017
VINES 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 60% Merlot, 20% Petit Verdot
TRAINING SYSTEM Cordone speronato
ALCOL 14.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard
COLLECTED Effettuata a mano e con una ulteriore selezione dei grappoli sul tavolo di scelta, prima della diraspatura.



LOCATION Loc. Ghizzano - Comune di Peccioli (Pisa)
REFINEMENT 18 mesi in fusti di rovere francese da 225 lt di 1° 2° e 3° passaggio.
WINEMAKING Pigiatura con i piedi. Fermentazione con lieviti indigeni in tini di legno aperti e/o cemento.



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Red shramp2012
Red shramp2017
Wine Advocated200891
Wine Advocated200994
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Name: Tenuta Ghizzano
Start-up year: 1370
Number of wines produced: 3
Cultivated hectares: 20
Winemaker name: Carlo Ferrini
Address: Via della Chiesa 4 Ghizzano di peccioli(PI)
Web Site:

Our family, as the "Repetti" Ghizzano arrived in the late fourteenth century. Grapes and olives were now in the heart of several farms which constitute the company today. For centuries it produced "in the tradition." That quality safe and sound "things done in a way, as they say in these parts. But never dared, never groped to move the barrier higher. In the 80's in our area of agriculture, especially viticulture, was in great crisis. The overproduction of grapes led to a wine of such poor quality. Low prices that did not even cover production costs. Many of our neighbors to weed out the vineyards, and some even ended by selling businesses. It was then that our father decided to go against the Pierfrancesco and invest in the vineyard and cellar to try to make the leap. The objective then was able to produce a wine "serious", perhaps in small quantities, but can face the market. Born with the 1985 vintage, the venerable, our first wine in bottles bearing the name of one of our Venerable Venerable ancestor who first gave body and soul to the campaign. From old vines of the 70 plants that had only 2500 plants per hectare we gradually came to have 20 hectares of vineyard planted to 85% in the first of 1989 to 4,500 plants per hectare, the second from 1999 to 2003 to 6600 plants and the last in 2006 to 5,000 plants. Ghizzano is a small hilltop village, about 200 meters high, on the coast of Tuscany, 40 km from Livorno and 40 km south of Pisa. The winery and mill are just around the tower built by the Venerable Pesciolini in 1370. We are located in the Pisan Hills that includes a group of hills south-east of Pisa. None of these rolling hills and gentle than 200 meters, the landscape is soft and sweet because the climate is tempered by the sea air, without great extremes of temperature and without much risk of spring frost. The land is a very interesting compound. Once the area was submerged by the sea and the land is still rich in fossil shells. Of Pliocene origin has a silty-clay-sandy texture. The Estate of Ghizzano now has approximately 350 hectares of which 20 are vineyards, olive groves 20, 150 and 150 in cereal crops and poplar woods. Our goal is to continue to invest in a course in viticulture and agriculture provide the market for natural products, limited in quantity, but of great quality, respecting the terms that the wine and oil may give in this territory, not betraying the style, elegance and richness of aromas of these hills. Might produce very little but very well ... in our wine and never stop believing. From 2003 we started a process of conversion to organic farming since 2008 and we are officially certified by the Soil and Health. Since 2001 we also began working farm: We have lovingly restored farm houses, furnished with family furniture, to offer hospitality "warm" but always the quality and elegance. We deeply believe in respect for the place where we operate, we also joined, from 2006 in the "Project for the restocking of native species pheasant, partridge and hare" promoted by our Provincial Administration of Pisa. The aim is to recreate, through operations improvement AE, especially predator control and increase watering and feeding sites, especially those indigenous fauna species such as pheasant, partridge and hare are significantly decreased in our campaigns years only restocked with wildlife breeding.