I Piccoli Vignaioli Albarosa 2018

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Within this small reality represented by the Little Winegrowers located in Sant'Ermete, a small fraction of Santarcangelo di Romagna, all the passion for the territory is concentrated, evidenced by a production in total respect for nature.

The harvest is seen as a moment of celebration and sharing in which the hard work in the fields shows its fruits and everything is done according to the most ancient traditions starting from the rigorously hand-picked.

AlbaRosa 2019 rosé sparkling wine comes from a blend of Sangiovese and Lacrima Morro d'Alba vinified according to the Classic Method, from grapes harvested by hand to avoid any damage and preserve its qualities.

A rosé sparkling wine that encompasses all the characteristics of the sparkling land of Romagna, endowed with a vibrant pleasantness and a fresh scent.



Colore tra il rosa salmone delicato ed il rosa cipolla tenue.


Ha equilibrio e delicatezza uniti a note aromatiche di grande freschezza.


Leggero, fresco, equilibrato con una buona persistenza in bocca.


Ideale per aperitivi e per piatti di mare.



VINES 80% Sangiovese, 20% Lacrima
ALCOL 12.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard
COLLECTED Uve raccolte esclusivamente a mano con estrema cura per evitare qualsiasi danneggiamento durante la raccolta e il trasporto in cantina.



LOCATION Sant'Ermete - Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN)
REFINEMENT 12 mesi in bottiglia.
WINEMAKING La pressatura avviene in maniera soffice e delicata per ottenere il ?'mosto fiore?' la parte più nobile del succo spremuto dell'uva , una maggiore torchiatura delle vinacce aumenterebbe il contenuto di sostanze coloranti e di tannini.



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Name: I Piccoli Vignaioli
Start-up year: 2018
Winemaker name: Dott Simoni Marco
Address: Via Celletta Cimitero, 48 - Sant’Ermete - Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN)

"I Piccoli Vignaioli" are born as a small reality that starts from the family dimension in the visionary sharing of a dream that finds its fulcrum in the passion for wine. This passion is rooted in the indissoluble bond with the territory understood as the product of the interaction of physical-geographical and cultural characteristics. Our vineyard, located in Sant'Ermete, a small hamlet of Santarcangelo di Romagna, literally sinks its roots in history, i.e. it rises in an area where in Roman times there was a great and important rustic plant with adjoining furnace for the production of bricks and containers of various kinds between which can be found in numerous amphorae that can be traced back to wine amphorae for transport and transport. trade in wine and therefore indicate an agricultural and in particular wine-growing vocation of this territory. The choice to create 2 types of Spumante Rosé Brut (Ancestral Method and Classic Method) comes from the bond with the South of France where our parents moved and had the opportunity to know and appreciate this particular type of wine extremely convivial. Fortified by the conviction that a good wine is born mainly in the vineyard, and by tradition, "I Piccoli Vignaioli" dedicate themselves with loving passion to the care of the vine, with total respect for nature. The harvest, which for us is experienced as a moment of celebration, takes place manually to choose only the best grapes with the contribution of all the family members.