JC's Own Rock:it 2018

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I grew up across the road from a famous old school winemaker who was known to be one of the best blenders of his generation. So, for years I followed this ideal in the wines I was making. For a hands-off winemaker, you actually feel like you are doing something! One day pondering life, the universe and everything I thought about why I hadn't challenged this notion. Grenache and friends work well together - I'll just pick them within a few days of each other, chuck it all in one fermenter and let the ferment rock it in its own way. So, my theory is that the different varieties bring something complimentary, but they also bring something individual - so equal but opposite reactions in the ferment. I then remembered my high school physics and worked out it's actually the same way a rocket works. Go figure.




YEAR 2018
VINES Syrah, Grenache
ALCOL 15.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



REFINEMENT In botti di rovere grande per 19 mesi. Imbottigliato non filtrato.
WINEMAKING Le uve vengono raccolte a mano entro 3 giorni le une dalle altre. Fermentato in vasche di cemento.



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Name: JC's Own
Address: Barossa Valley (Australia)
Web Site: https://www.jcsown.com

I’ve been making wine for twenty years now, mostly in the Barossa, most recently in the USA but I do it because it’s a hell of a lot of fun for me and I get a lot out of the process. My enjoyment stems from being outdoors, the physical work and getting dirty, the science with a bit of guesswork and the chance to drink many amazing wines in the name of research. They call it a lifestyle industry and i’m all in on this. Through all this and getting older and apparently more wise, i’ve come to realise that wine is about what you want it to be. For me there’s a time for fun, enjoyment and adventure. There’s also the realisation that some special vineyards just need to be bottled without mucking about too much. So you’ll see that in my JC’s Own wines - some adventurously different wines in style and packaging and limited releases that pay respect to distinguished single sites around the world.