Jean Claude Boisset Les Ursulines Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2019

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Burgundy is the motherland of Pinot Noir, here climate and territory reach an ideal combination for this grape variety and from which the best wines in the world are born.
The Maison Jean Claude Boisset was born in 1961 and the focus of its production is represented by the cellar of over 300 years ago which represents the roots that this family has planted in the region.

In this frame, this splendid Pinot Noir is obtained from old vineyards, processed without additives to preserve its naturalness.
All the production recalls the ancient traditions with the grapes that are harvested by hand and worked in groups of 10 on ancient tables.
The grapes are de-stemmed and then macerated for 3 weeks, no enzyme is added and then refines in barriques for 16/18 months.

For lovers of this wine, a bottle absolutely to try.



Rosso scuro con riflessi porpora, intenso.


Molto aperto, con note di frutta matura.


Buon equilibrio, con un supporto tannico già evidente ma piuttosto sottile.


Il Pinot Nero si lega in modo ottimale a carni rosse, salumi e formaggi stagionati



YEAR 2019
ALCOL 13.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard
COLLECTED Fine Settembre.



REFINEMENT In barriques per 16-18 mesi, utilizzando una proporzione piuttosto bassa di legni nuovi (meno del 20%).
WINEMAKING Le uve sono state raccolte a mano e raccolte in casse forate da 20 kg. Furono smistati per la prima volta in vigna e una seconda volta sul tavolo di smistamento quando arrivarono in cantina. In cantina: le uve sono state completamente diraspate ma non schiacciate (sono state lasciate intere) e sono state alimentate per gravità in vasche. La macerazione è durata in totale 23 giorni inclusa una settimana di macerazione a freddo (12 ° C). La fermentazione usava solo lieviti indigeni (non venivano usati additivi come enzimi o tannini). Punzonatura non frequente del cappuccio.
PRODUCTION Questo vino ha il pedigree più nobile che si possa immaginare, provenendo dalla Côte de Nuits. Le uve sono state coltivate su vecchie viti su cui sono state utilizzate specifiche tecniche di coltivazione: rese controllate a causa di gravi disbavamenti, diradamento dei grappoli se necessario, lavorazione del terreno, scarso o nullo uso di fertilizzanti, gestione dei parassiti rispettosa dell'ambiente che rispetta la fauna selvatica.



Wine Spectator 2016 90

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Name: Jean Claude Boisset
Address: Les Ursulines, 5 quai Dumorey - Nuits-Saint-Georges (France)
Web Site:

The tale of our father, Jean-Claude Boisset, is unique in Burgundy, and is the foundation of the very spirit of the company itself. His remarkable story began in the early 1960s, in an optimistic, confident France. The son of schoolteachers, he founded his fledgling wine company - next door to Gevrey-Chambertin - at an early age. He had three main things on his side: optimism, tenacity and luck. These assets were quick to stimulate his sales on the international market; first of all in Britain, followed gradually by Europe and later the United States. Throughout this time, he enjoyed the loving support of our mother. Customer relationships were forged and grew through friendship and a common bond of wine. Our parents have been there for us throughout each of the important stages of our lives, and today they still remain true to the youthful complicity and single-mindedness which has lasted a lifetime! For each of us, it is an adventure to be lived to the fullest. And the family spirit still underpins everything we do. One generation follows another, yet the essential energy remains the same. Jean-Claude Boisset set up operations in Nuits-Saint-Georges, in the former Ursulines convent. Here, in this solid building built from burgundian stone, the Ursulines - nuns who were forced to flee from the Revolution - left something of their own spirit behind. In its large walled garden, between the rows of apple trees, pruned yews and boxwood and other fruit trees, you can still almost hear their murmurs in the silence. In the labyrinthine cellars, as well as in Mother Superior's lodgings - with their watchful view over the Côte and close proximity to the Premiers Crus - the sense of peace and serenity is palpable. This place, imbued with prayers, calm, and - as is often the case here - a sense of intangible mystery, has now become our 'home'. Our philosophy can be summed up in three words: origins, purity, elegance. Origins: the representation of the terroir in its original form. It also evokes the origins of the appellations which form a part of the Jean-Claude Boisset story. Purity : the pure forms of 'real' wines, the fruits of the earth. A purity of taste, in an unadulterated form, without oenological additions. Elegance: a modern style, yet rooted in change and up-to-date. Pure distinctiveness. Burgundy through and through Thus bathed in the light of renewal, our new range - our Collection - was born. Each of the appellations is the result of rigorous selection and has been produced in limited quantities. This is the way of things in Burgundy. handcrafted in meticulous detail, according to a philosophy of 'letting the vine do the work'. A taste reveals our aim of striving for authentic wines in which human intervention has been kept to a bare, discreet minimum; the wines are concentrated, well-rounded, and - of course - expressive of their terroirs. When people are silent, the earth can speak.