Jean Claude Mouzon Champagne Candeur d'Esprit Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru




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Verzenay is the village perched on the Montagna de Reims where the Domaine Jean-Claude MOUZON, made up of 43 small plots of land, extends over the terroir classified as Grand Cru.

The history of this Domaine is linked to the figures of Frédérique and Cédric Lahémade, who come together to become producers of the current Champagne Jean-Claude Mouzon practicing environmentally friendly agriculture recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture through the HVE certification: 'High value environmental'

Given the small territorial dimension, the production of these splendid cuées can be compared to that of a luxury artisan workshop, where everything is done manually with a meticulous attention to detail.

The Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Candeur d'Esprit Brut that we find in this "shop" a 100% Chardonnay from the Grand Cru village, Verzenay.

Wonderful example of how Chardonnay can give intense interpretations and great structure.




Giallo paglierino con riflessi verdognoli.


Aromi di lime, pane fresco appena sfornato, tiglio con note tostate e salate.


Fresco con retrogusto di fiori, frutti bianchi come pere, agrumi.


Champagne delicato da abbinare a crostacei e cucina a base di pesce



ALCOL 12.50
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



LOCATION Mouzon (France)
PERLAGE Perlage fine e persistente.



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Name: Jean Claude Mouzon
Address: 4 rue des Perthois - Verzenay (France)
Web Site: www.champagne-jean-claude-mouzon.com

The whole duality of Champagne Jean-Claude MOUZON lies in the duo of Frédérique and Cédric Lahémade, who, from two black and white grape-varieties Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, create champagnes worth their appellation Great Growth Champagne that are environment-friendly. Champagne Jean-Claude MOUZON is before all guided by a duo, that of Frédérique and Cédric Lahémade. Fan of judo, Cédric discovers Frédérique at the dojo; she was also keen on this martial art. Rivals on the tatami, Frédérique and Cédric fall in love, turning a hand to hand fight into a heart to heart relation. By uniting, their wish to work surrounded by Nature becomes real. They both gradually join Jean-Claude on the estate and will then become the current happy makers of Jean-Claude Mouzon champagnes. Since then, they move forward little by little, together in life and in the vines too. The name of the village of Champagne Jean-Claude MOUZON, Verzenay, means « to the North ». This Great Growth village of the Champagne area, perched on the Montagne de Reims, looks down the Vallée de la Vesle. The Mountain rising to 277 m of altitude (« Mount Sinaï ») protects the houses of the village and its vines by confining hot air. Inheriting and running a terroir classified Great Growth implies that you show a daily interest for its quality and turn it into your champagnes. 43 small plots located in the villages of Verzenay, Verzy, Beaumont-sur-Vesle and Mailly-Champagne make up the vineyard of Champagne Jean-Claude MOUZON. Their surface enables them to do everything by themselves: luxury craftsmanship! Cédric and Frédérique watch carefully over their Great Growth grapes. They practice sustainable vine cultivation (environmental-friendly) acknowledged by the Ministry of Agriculture through the logo “HVE”.