La Fortezza Falanghina del Sannio Sottozona Taburno 2019

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La Fortezza winery was born from the passion of Enzo Rillo, who decides to take the reins of the company after spending an adolescence running around the vineyards in the province of Benevento.

We are in Torrecuso where the cultivation of vineyards has a centuries-old history and where Aglianico and Falanghina del Taburno are the main architects of the wine production in the area.

A company that has in the beautiful cellar in the middle of the vineyards the element that binds it with the tradition of the ancient farm and that expresses all its attachment to the land.

Excellence in the production of this winery is undoubtedly the Falanghina del Sannio Subarea Taburno, a white that contains all the freshness and scents of this land.

The Falanghina grapes are harvested by hand and then vinified in steel, these phases are constantly followed to ensure that the whole process preserves the properties of this splendid vine.

This Falanghina follows the rules of good agricultural practice which are based on agriculture that respects the environment and the vine's life cycle.



Giallo paglierino con riflessi verdognoli.


Profumo fresco con note di agrumi e fiori bianchi.


Vino dalla spiccata acidità ma allo stesso tempo di buon equilibrio e profumo.


Ottima come aperitivo, con piatti di pesce crudo e formaggi giovani.



YEAR 2019
ALCOL 13.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard
COLLECTED Tra la fine di settembre e i primi di Ottobre. Raccolta manuale in recipienti di piccole dimensioni.



CLASSIFICATION DOC Falanghina del Sannio
LOCATION Torrecuso (BN)



Red shramp 2018
Veronelli 2018
Bibenda 2018

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Name: La Fortezza
Start-up year: 2005
Cultivated hectares: 60
Winemaker name: Vittorio Festa
Address: Località Tora II - Torrecuso (BN)
Web Site: www.lafortezzasrl.it

Among these producers there is a valid reality: the Cantina La Fortezza, whose real strong point is the consists of a mix of soil quality, exposure, altitude and vineyard care. The vines that characterize the winery's wine production are Aglianico del Taburno, in such quantity as to allow the same company to make a careful selection in the vineyard for the different sales lines guaranteeing the production of wines of the highest quality, for example, the Aglianico Riserva, which received a gold medal during the Wine Competition International 2019. The grapes of this wine come from a vineyard of about seventy years of age. Another grape variety is the Falanghina del Taburno, whose exposure of the vineyards guarantees an optimal result in terms of sugar content, bouquet and acidity of the wine without having to resort to cuts during processing. The vineyards of Greco and Fiano intended for the production of the winery, in addition to being produced by the same company, are also selected outside. The producers are imposed a strict and meticulous cultivation regulations. Entirely covered in stone and well integrated into the surrounding landscape, the Winery consists of two bodies. In the upper part a Villa and wide open spaces. An enchanting place with a view wonderful stretch towards the Apennines that separates Campania from Puglia. The body below, which opens over two medieval style gates, rigorously made in solid wood, houses the actual production activity. A perfect blend of tradition and modern technology. The barrel vaults, which overlook the area destined to host the ageing of the wine, are entirely covered in terracotta bricks and partly excavated in tuff. Characteristics that we bring back to an idea of a cellar close to what used to be the old "cellai" of the rural farms, places that were used to store both wine and food. The processing room, where the winemaking machinery is located, the wine making room, the bottling and labelling, the steel tanks and the warehouse for goods destined for to the marketing complete the winery, with a production potential of about two million euros. of bottles. Our team of food bloggers had the great honor to taste and savor different wines of very high level among which Falanghina del Sannio "Taburno", Sannio Fiano Doc, Sannio Greco Doc, Aglianico del Taburno DOCG, Sannio Piedirosso Doc, Rosato Aglianico del Taburno, Gold of the Marquis Falanghina Extra Dry, Maleventum Falanghina Brut.