La Valentina Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo 2021

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Valentina is a small farm in Abruzzo in the Pescara hills, which from birth has felt the need to fully respect the surrounding territory in order to maximize the quality of the product. The work put in place allows the land to express itself, guarantees the maintenance of the fertility of the earth, stimulates the plants to reinforce themselves in order to better restrain the adverse agents of nature.
This Cerasuolo is obtained by pressing grapes of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo harvested by selecting them from about 30 different hectares. Even in practical oenologies the concept of biological is always very evident. We proceed with a maceration for about 18 hours, drainage of the must and a low temperature controlled fermentation. It is then bottled in January following the harvest without any type of clarification or stabilization.
Fruity and fresh wine ideal for any time of day.



Rosa cerasuolo netto.


Olfatto di ciliegia, melagrana, viola.


Fresco e sapido con coerenti ritorni fruttati; non lunga la persistenza del finale.



YEAR 2021
TRAINING SYSTEM Pergola abruzzese
ALCOL 13.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard
COLLECTED Tra metà Settembre e metà Ottobre.



CLASSIFICATION DOC Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo
LOCATION Spoltore (PE)
GROUND Argilloso di medio impasto.
REFINEMENT In acciaio, con stabilizzazione naturale ed imbottigliamento effettuato da metà Gennaio.
WINEMAKING Macerazione con le bucce per circa 18 ore, salasso del mosto e fermentazione lenta a bassa temperatura controllata in acciaio.



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Name: La Valentina
Start-up year: 1990
Winemaker name: Luca D'Attoma
Address: Via Torretta, 52 - Spoltore (PE)
Web Site:

Fattoria La Valentina was born in 1990 in the municipality of Spoltore, in the hills near Pescara. Since 1994, after a number of changes of partners, we are, Sabatino, Robert and Andrea Di Propertius, to buy the whole company. Between vineyards and winery, then began our work in close contact with nature. And its fruits. After the first year of study on the vineyards of Santa Teresa, a passion for quality research and the desire to exploit the DOC Abruzzo have taken over the main objective of becoming. We have begun to better understand our land and taking care of respecting her. The result? Wine quality and healthier than real. Animated by the certainty that the true quality improvement should be done in strict compliance with the biological, season after season, we have applied a strict philosophy that leaves from the unbridled use of chemistry and technology. In short, we have set ourselves to intervene as little as possible in the processes of nature, sharing the idea that "the premise of the DOC is the sign of their lives on the grapes." Ours is a job that allows the vine to express themselves, ensures the maintenance of soil fertility, helps make plants healthy so they can independently resist disease and pests. The wines of Fattoria La Valentina is produced by nature through the uniqueness of our land, we try to respect even in the bottle. This is the secret of their originality. The microclimate, soil linked to well-adapted varieties, yield wines of character and unique. Wines that speak of places and crops, which arise from the sum of many little details and the passion that we get every day. Authentic wines. Even for this La Valentina has chosen to join 100% of the principles of sustainable development and consider the environment and sustainability as factors of competitiveness. The training of all employees to perform their duties responsibly towards the environment and the continuous monitoring of compliance with the principles of sustainable development of the company, are essential to continuously improve the political and social and environmental performance of the company, which is also our family.