Le Marchesine Franciacorta Secolo Novo Brut Millesimato 2013



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It is a vineyard on the hill of Santissima di Cussago, one of the most famous areas of Franciacorta, which come from only chardonnay grapes leading to the "New Century". The Franciacorta DOCG Brut "Secolo Novo" de Le Marchesine is a sparkling wine of unmistakable class, elegant and relaxed, whose stay on yeasts lasts for 3 years.



Giallo paglierino brillante.


Al naso è caratterizzato da richiami olfattivi di nocciolina tostata, margarina, note mentolate e di cedro candito.


Avvolgente e rotondo, in bocca rivela grande equilibrio tra acidità e sapidità. Chiude con un finale di impeccabile eleganza.



YEAR 2013
ALCOL 13.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



REFINEMENT Le bottiglie vengono accatastate in locali di affinamento a temperature controllate (12-14 °C) per almeno 36 mesi.
WINEMAKING Fermentazione controllata in purezza a 17-19 °C con lieviti indigeni onde mantenere integro il sapore e i profumi della Franciacorta.
PERLAGE Perlage fine e lunghissimo.



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Name: Le Marchesine
Start-up year: 1985
Cultivated hectares: 45
Winemaker name: Jean Pierre Valade
Address: Via Vallosa, 31 - Passirano (BS)
Web Site: www.lemarchesine.it

Dynamic and meaningful winery located in the heart of Franciacorta, the Marchesine Biatta belongs to family of ancient origin, attested as early as 1196. For four generations the family working in the wine world: the beginning of last century in Lower Brescia, the great-grandfather Camillo undertaken the activity is known in France as négociant èleveur, occupation perpetrated by his grandfather and later by Victor John, who, in 1980, Franciacorta moved in and bought the farm where he still continues the activities of producers, with the help of his son and Lori's niece Alice. The company has a total of 47 hectares of vineyards registered in the registers DOC and DOCG. The screw is Guyot with 4,500 vines per hectare. Biatta John, who looks after the wine, it produces about 400 thousand bottles per year: 180 000 Franciacorta Brut and not dosed and 40 000 Rose, 40 000 of Franciacorta Satèn, flanked by 15 000 bottles of Terre di Franciacorta white 25 000 Terre di Franciacorta Red 5000 Cabernet Sauvignon "Alice" and 2000 Pinot Noir "The Farm". The range also includes the Vintage Franciacorta, which is produced only in great vintages (1993, '95, '97, '99, '00, '02) and a Chardonnay Grappa. The cellar has 2500 meters underground for the storage and aging of the bottles, there is also a building of about 2000 meters above ground where the processing environment and the riddling of the bottles. (Which is kept at optimum temperature by a large refrigeration unit and is equipped with advanced facilities and equipment, so as to allow that remuage operations are automated.) "To get the best quality we have invested heavily in technology," says Lori Biatta. "For one simple reason: the more technology you use, the lower the costs. With what I do know how important even the price in the market for high quality products: Our goal is therefore to be more competitive companies that are still making processes by hand. " This approach is borrowed from the most successful experiences of Champagne, which he visits often. There is a house of his father, who has long-standing friendship with the most famous wine makers specialize in bubbles, and it is thanks to their affectionate without consulting winemaker is so good in the vineyard and winery. The cultures for sparkling wines, for example, were selected by himself at home. The result is so effective that his Brut, soft, fresh, lively, from the very fine bead, is also required in Germany, Belgium, Eritrea, Canada and the United States. But the highest satisfaction is the knowledge that will be appreciated even in France. Ascolta Trascrizione foneticaDizionario - Visualizza dizionario dettagliatoGoogle Traduttore per miei elementi quali:RicercheVideoEmailTelefonoChatAttivitàInformazioni su Google TraduttoreDisattiva traduzione istantaneaPrivacyGuida ©2010Strumenti per aziendeTranslator ToolkitInformazioni su Google TraduttoreBlogPrivacyGuida?