Le Piane Boca 2016

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The Le Piane winery is located in the Boca Doc region in the province of Novara, where the particular combination of volcanic soil and the mild climate of the Prealps guarantees excellent ripening of the grapes.
All the vineyards are immersed in the woods of a natural park which favors the rich development of flora and fauna.

At the head of the winery we find Christoph Kuenzli who carries out the project started with his friend Alexander who unfortunately died in 1998 in a tragic accident.

In this area we find many native vines such as Nebbiolo (Spanna), Vespolina and Croatina, cultivated in the traditional way and with low yield.

The Boca Doc 2015 is obtained with Nebbiolo and Vespolina which accompanies accompanies the King in his aging also as a close relative. Vespolina is a very difficult grape to grow, it is sensitive to wet weather and diseases, often has low yields, but which gives spiciness to wine without covering the structure of Nebbiolo.

2015 is a year that touches perfection, a real jewel of Piedmont's oenology.




Un ricco bouquet di frutti rossi risveglia le narici offrendo tocchi minerali propri dei terreni da cui trae origine. More seducenti e ribes golosi danno vita ad uno sposalizio perfetto che esalta un dolce e fugace sentore di liquirizia nel finale.


Sfiora la perfezione esprimendo una profondità quasi inarrivabile che rievoca freschezza e mineralità.


Secondi piatti di carne bianche, carni arrosto o selvaggina esaltano questo vino



YEAR 2016
VINES 85% Nebbiolo, 15% Vespolina
TRAINING SYSTEM Guyot semplice.
ALCOL 13.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



LOCATION Loc Le piane (NO)
GROUND I terreni sono a pH basso e consistono totalmente di ghiaia porfida (di origine vulcanica) leggermente rossi pieni di minerali.
REFINEMENT Dopo la pressatura, malolattica spontanea (in primavera) e permanenza in botte grande di 20hl-28hl di rovere di slavonia per tre o quattro anni, l'affinamento in bottiglia per 1 anno.
WINEMAKING Fermentazione e macerazione sulle bucce 30 giorni in un tino aperto di legno 25hl e in tini aperti di acciaio da 20hl con follature manuali per 1-2 volte al giorno. Lieviti indigeni.
ACIDITY 6.0 g/l
PH 3.5



Red shramp 2005
Red shramp 2011
Red shramp 2015
Red shramp 2016
Veronelli 2005
Veronelli 2006
Veronelli 2015
Bibenda 2005
Bibenda 2006
Bibenda 2011
Bibenda 2015
Wine Spectator 2012 90
Wine Spectator 2015 95
Wine Advocated 2013 95
Wine Advocated 2015 94
James Suckling 2007 93

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Name: Le Piane
Start-up year: 1998
Cultivated hectares: 8
Winemaker name: Christoph Künzli
Address: Loc Le piane (NO)
Web Site: www.bocapiane.com

Le Piane was founded in 1998 when the historical cellar and vineyard of Antonio Cerri was bought. The investment was made by "BOCA HOLDING AG" which attracted more than 70 international shareholders all sharing a liking for good food and wine. By planting new vines Le Piane now has 6.5 hectares of vineyards. History In the nineties, the vinologist Alexander Trolf and the vintner Christoph Künzli showed enthusiasm for the forgotten wine region of Boca and its great wines. They were convinced that this would be the right place for a high-class wine property. At that time they became acquainted to Antonio Cerri, one of the last wine- growers to produce the typical and outstanding Boca wine. His vineyard »Campo delle Piane«, with an area of 0.6 hectares, was situated above the village and meanwhile had been surrounded by a forest. Cerri produced approx. 2'500 litres of wine every year, until 1991. The site is planted with Spanna grapes, aged more than 50 years. In view of his advanced age of more than 80 years, Antonio Cerri decided to retire, and he offered to sell his vineyard to Alexander Trolf and Christoph Künzli. They took their chance and step-by-step they acquired further small plots. Like a puzzle the property grew together and became the new wine property »Le Piane« with a vineyard area of 6.5 hectares with a possibility for extensions. The purchased grounds were cleared and newly terraced, in cooperation with the authorities of the nearby natural reserve of Monte Fenera. The restored vineyard areas were planted with Nebbiolo vines and other vines specific to the region. Unfortunately Alexander Trolf did not live to see this successful development of the vineyard as he died in a tragic road accident His ideas and dreams however will remain in the vineyard »Meridiana« which he replanted. The prominent yellow house therein has become the society's logo and thus symbolizes the new beginning.