Le Ragose Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Marta Galli Riserva 2011




Details of wine

This wine originates from an extreme selection of grapes. The refinement of the product in French oak barrels for organoleptic characteristics differentiating it from our traditional product, Amarone della Valpolicella Classico.



Intenso, straordinariamente potente, ancora ricco di tannini, con note di ciliegia nera. Caldo, forte, pieno e vellutato con un sapore gradevolmente amarognolo, elegante e ben equilibrato.


Arrosti, carni rosse, cioccolata, formaggi freschi.



TRAINING SYSTEM Pergola Trentina Semplice.
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



CLASSIFICATION DOC Amarone della Valpolicella
GROUND Argille rosse e brune e calcari eocenici.
WINEMAKING In rosso dopo diraspapigiatura. Fermentazione in acciaio per 20-30 giorni circa ad opera di lieviti indigeni, poi svinatura in vasche di stoccaggio di acciaio per 8-10 mesi. Segue affinamento in tonneaux di rovere nuovi, di primo e secondo passaggio, a varia tostatura e di varie provenienze (Allier, Troncais, Vosges) per 24-36 mesi.



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Name: Le Ragose
Start-up year: 1969
Cultivated hectares: 19
Winemaker name: Marco Galli
Address: Arbizzano di Negrar (VR)
Web Site: www.leragose.com

Since 1969 , before the parents , Arnaldo , winemaker, and Martha, then the sons Paul, Doctor of Economics , and Mark, who graduated in Agricultural Science with specialization in viticulture and enology , continue the work of experimentation and innovation while respecting the characteristics producers of Valpolicella. The corporate setting is aimed at achieving the highest quality in the cultivation of the main grape varieties ( Corvina, Rondinella and Corvinone ) to be allocated to the production of Amarone, Recioto and Valpolicella . The correct choice of parameters vines were planted in simple pergola thirty (density of vines and rootstocks , orientation and inclination of the pergola ) and its careful management ( fertilization , winter pruning , pruning , leaf removal and bunch thinning ) make it a excellent system of breeding for varieties grown on the hills of Verona . The company only produces wine grapes from its own vineyards , planted in the proportions laid down by the disciplinary their destination for the production of Amarone , Valpolicella Ripasso wine is decided each year , according to the characteristics of the grapes compared to the seasonal trend . The hillside location and the favorable exposure to the winds also make it possible to have an ideal climate for the drying of grapes . The transformation of the grapes is done through the stalk remover , and the following fermentations are operated by indigenous yeasts. The refinement is conducted mainly in oak casks of different ages , with capacities between 10 and 60 hectoliters , with the aim to observe the characteristics of the terroir that through the scents and flavors derived from it , give the wine character and recognizability . This was confirmed in the course of time by which the information industry has dedicated to the Company's products . Paul and Mark Galli lead today the farm The Ragose , continuing the production philosophy drawn from parents Arnaldo and Marta , and completing projects for growth, development and improvement.