Les Cretes Chardonnay Cuvée Bois 2020



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Les Crêtes is a company that produces wines in the splendid alpine scenery of the Aosta Valley. A region with the highest percentage of protected areas where the history of the Charrère family was born from 1750 at the helm of this winery.

The production takes place by carrying out the late values ??with a look at innovations to best express the potential of the territory.

The optimal climatic conditions and the vegetative richness allow the use of low impact agriculture in which the grapes are harvested by hand to protect their integrity. The wines are the expression of the mountain and therefore characterized by freshness and elegance.

To maintain this eco-sustainable philosophy, the winery has decided to use special select bio caps in which all traces of carbon are totally absent.

Chardonnay Les Crêtes is the result of the selection of the best Chardonnay grapes, refrigeration and soft pressing of the whole bunch of grapes, fermentation in 300 lt French oak barriques, roasted over a high flame and 12 months' sur lies aging in the same, with weekly bâtonnages.

A Chardonnay at the top of national and international quality for elegance and style.



Giallo dorato.


Al naso intenso e complesso, con profumi di frutta bianca e nitide note di nocciola di Langa e vaniglia.


Nuances minerali e di noce moscata, banana e cedro candito. Finale elegante, armonioso ed equilibrato.


Antipasti, primi piatti, fondute, flans, pesce, carni bianche e rosse, foie gras, formaggi.



YEAR 2020
ALCOL 14.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard
COLLECTED Manuale, seconda metà di settembre.



CLASSIFICATION DOC Valle d'Aosta o Vallée d'Aoste
LOCATION Aymavilles (Valle d'Aosta)
GROUND Morenico, sciolto, sabbioso, in pendenza.
REFINEMENT Sur lies, bâtonnages continui di 10 mesi. 12 mesi in bottiglia.
PLANTS FOR HECTARE 7.500 piedi per ettaro.
WINEMAKING Pressatura soffice, fermentazione in legno di rovere francese da 300 lt tostati con metodo tradizionale, a garanzia del miglior equilibrio legno/vino.
RETURN HALF 8.000 kg/Ha



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Name: Les Crêtes
Start-up year: 1989
Cultivated hectares: 20
Winemaker name: Raffaele Crotta
Address: Località Villetos, 50 - Aymavilles (AO)
Web Site: www.lescretes.it

Originally from France, the Charrère family moved in the mid 1700s to what is now the Aosta Valley of Italy. They started out as farmers and millers, establishing a home site and building a water powered mill on their property in Aymaville. In 1955 the Charrères planted their first two hectares of grapes, focusing on making quality wines out of the indigenous vinifera varieties grown in the Aosta Valley. In 1989 the Charrères enlarged the original estate and built the Les Crêtes winery. The old mill and home site will soon be restored for use as an agritourism destination. Costantino Charrère, his wife Imelda, and their daughters Elena and Eleonora manage the day-to-day activities of the vineyards and winery. While making decisions based on a solid foundation of classic vineyard management and wine-making skills, they are continually integrating new and innovative ideas gathered from frequent visits to wineries and vineyards around the world. Les Crête’s Vineyards: With 25 hectares (62 acres) of grapes dedicated to wine production, Les Crêtes is the largest privately held vineyard and winery operation in the Aosta Valley. The Aosta Valley, located in northwest Italy, is Italy’s smallest and least populated region. It is an alpine valley with grape growing conditions typically associated with mountain elevations. Close to Mont Blanc and surrounded on three sides by the Italian, French and Swiss Alps, it is a beautiful and unique part of Italy. Les Crêtes vineyards are planted in both indigenous vinifera varieties (Petite Arvine, Petit Rouge, Fumin, Mayolet, Cornalin), as well as the more traditional vinifera varieties (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Muscat) which are also well adapted to the region’s climate and soil conditions. Les Crêtes vineyards are located along the Aosta Valley’s Dora Baltea river and are distributed among vineyard blocks in six different villages; Saint Pierre, Aymavilles, Gressan, Sarre, Aosta and Saint Christophe. Plant densities in the vineyards range from 7,000 to 8,000 vines per hectare.