Lois Sebio Ribeiro Super Heroe Tinto 2018

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Super Hero is the fruit of grapes of very old vines. Leave the same vineyards as Salvaxe, Wish and Hush. It is the blend of all the vines, the encostas base red wine. A representation of the potential of these vineyards. These vineyards are unique because of the steep slopes and their stone walls. This company, difficult to grow, makes the grapes the last to be harvested. The joint development of these old lands gives us a different, less concentrated, more accessible, mature and fruit-intensive wine. A first step to start in the Top of the Ribeiro. Its maturity, sapidity, depth and differentiation make it different from the wines that are today in Galicia. This not very wet vintage in the first months caused a good production of grapes. Added to the very hot climate of the months close to the harvest, it has given us the basics to make this dream wine.
It is an illustration that reflects the superhero who comes to help us fight against clone wines. Super Hero is also the struggle of good against evil, the difference against the globalized. The staff against the impersonal, the different from the common and commercial. A bet to be the wine that identifies us and is the first step to meet the wines of the encostas.





Note di frutta rossa, pepe nero, marmellate, ricordi minerali di xisto e lavagne.


Bocca equilibrata e molto spaziosa. Note di frutta, elegante e profonda. Tannini molto morbidi e fini che accompagnano la freschezza. Finale molto lungo e intenso.



YEAR 2018
VINES 10% Macabeo, 20% Tempranillo, 5% Godello, 20% Caino Tinto, 20% Ferrol, 15% Caino Longo, 10% Bastardo
ALCOL 14.50
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard
COLLECTED Vendemmia prima settimana di ottobre. Raccolta manuale.



LOCATION Vigneti Salvare, Desideri e Hush. Altitudine 150-350 m
GROUND Terreno di argilla e scisto.
REFINEMENT Per rispettare tutta la frutta e la morbidezza, eleviamo in barili da 300 litri.
WINEMAKING Vinificazione in vasche aperte con tempi di macerazione più brevi e a temperature più basse. Fermentazione in vasche aperte di 2000L. Macerazione prefermentativa a freddo per una settimana e fermentazione a bassa temperatura. Breve nascosto per rispettare la frutta, bazuqueo manuale e leggero premuto in una pressa a vite manuale. Solo estrazione dei tannini più dolci, più maturi e molta frutta. Iniziamo il deposito malolattico, per terminarlo più tardi nel barile.
DRY EXTRACT 35.7 g/l
ACIDITY 6.1 g/l
PH 3.3



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Name: Lois Sebio
Address: Leiro-Ourense (Spain)
Web Site: xlsebio.es

The property of Xose Lois Sebio is located in DO Ribeiro, an area with a very long tradition for the production of wine that since 1932 has been recognized as Denominaciòn de Origen. From a geological and orographic point of view, this area is characterized by the presence of three important rivers, the Miño, the Avia and the Arnoia, mainly granitic soils and altitudes. between 100 and 400 metres. The climate here is defined as transitional, showing extreme temperatures combined with the positive influence of the Atlantic. Xose Lois has been working for more than ten years on the recovery of forgotten or uncultivated land, implementing various agronomic techniques including organic and biodynamic. It firmly believes that the "ecological" approach is the a real means to obtain a great wine, allowing to preserve and enhance the natural balance between vineyard, man and landscape. In 2009 Sebio launched the project "Vinos de Encostas". which materializes in the creation of exclusive wines each strongly characterizing the terroir of origin. They are wines obtained from particular subzones, often not very productive thanks to to which wines with a strong personality are obtained.