Majolini Franciacorta Electo Brut Millesimato 2018

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This wine tastes of the nonchalance that a great personality acquires over the years. Mature and complex, it really comes into its own at important occasions.



Evoluto e variegato, prevalgono i profumi terziari.


Pieno, dimostra l'eleganza e la raffinatezza che solo il passare del tempo può conferire ad un vino nato per essere annoverato tra i grandi di Franciacorta.


Gradisce piatti eccellenti ed anche elaborati e speziati.



YEAR 2018
VINES 80% Chardonnay, 20% Pinot Nero
ALCOL 12.50
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



LOCATION Appezzamenti nel circondario del Comune di Ome (Brescia).
REFINEMENT In primavera viene realizzata la cuvée ed effettuato l'imbottigliamento per la presa di spuma. Il vino di base utilizzato è di una sola annata ma proveniente da vigneti diversi, in alcune annate viene utilizzata una piccola parte di vino di riserva fermentato e maturato in botti di legno. Il vino viene poi fatto maturare con i propri lieviti per un periodo minimo di 3 anni.
WINEMAKING Le uve, in tempi brevissimi dalla raccolta, vengono pigiate in modo soffice e fatte fermentare in vasche d'acciaio ad una temperatura controllata di circa 18 °C.



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Name: Majolini
Start-up year: 1981
Cultivated hectares: 24
Winemaker name: Jean Pierre Valade, Cesare Ferrari
Address: Via Manzoni, 3 - Loc. Valle - Ome (BS)
Web Site:

The roots that tie the Majolini Family to its land are deep and start from far away – Ezio Maiolini explains – We must go back to the XVth century, when our family arrives in Ome, establishing itself. The tie with viticulture is born almost immediately and already our last name, borrowed right from an autoctonous grape variety, the one of Majolina, is the witness of this adventure. The tie with our land has brought us great satisfactions! Especially to our father Valentino from whom we have inherited the passion and the love from wine production. It is him who decided, around the end of the 60’s, to renovate the old family winery and to start the cultivation of Ruc di Gnoc, a magnificent high hilled vineyard that still today produces the same named wine. No wonder, then, if me and my brothers have enforced our roots, developing even more the project started by our father. The definitive turnaround took place with the acquisition, at the beginning of the 90’s, of the wonderful area called Campèi. In 1995 the buildings of the new winery started, a reality of 4.000 covered meters, situated in a dominant uncomparable valley. Telling about the development of a winery means giving a great importance to research. The ones who produce a wine of excellence, cannot and do not want to think of development in terms of number, but in terms of quality. From 1981 to today our main goal has been to increment the potential of our vineyards, protect and increment the value of the territory, and optimize the productive procedures in the strict respect of the wine tradition.