Montalbera Ruché Monferrato La Tradizione 2020

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Ruché di Castagnole Monferrato, a rare indigenous wine, is produced in a limited area of the Monferrato Astigiano, in only seven municipalities including and centring on Castagnole Monferrato, which more than any other is blessed by the sun which bathes its hills. The dry, calcareous soil makes this area ideal for the cultivation of this indigenous variety. There are no reliable records which recall the origin of the name (Ruchè), but the most credible theories have it that Ruchè arrived in Piedmont in medieval times, brought from France by monks who planted it around a monastery of which there is no trace today, but which was a holy place dedicated to San Rocco. Some contend that the name derives from "roncet", an infectious degeneration of the vine which in past times struck all the local grape varieties save for bar one resilient type which would be called Ruchè. From recent studies run by MONTALBERA and thorough analysis of the variety (DNA study carried out in cooperation with scientific centre BIOESIS) and its organoleptic characteristics, it seems plausible that it has its origins in the ancient vines of Haute Savoie. From time immemorial, it has been unique to the Asti district and is, to all effects, given its centuries-old tradition, an Asti district variety. DOCG status was bestowed on the wine with its 2010 vintage, this a further recognition of the great qualities of this rare local varietaL.



Rosso sgargiante con riflessi violacei in gioventù, tendente al granato con l'affinamento.


Intenso, persistente, aromatico, fruttato, con sentori tipici di petali di rosa e violetta nei primi anni, evoluzione su note speziate con il tempo.


Caldo al palato, armonico, di corpo ed equilibrio con leggera componente tannica.



YEAR 2020
TRAINING SYSTEM Guyot basso con 8-9 gemme sul capo a frutto.
ALCOL 14.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



CLASSIFICATION DOCG Ruchè di Castagnole Monferrato
LOCATION Castagnole Monferrato (AT)
REFINEMENT In vasche di acciaio inox e successivamente in bottiglia posizionata in senso orizzontale per almeno 3 mesi.
WINEMAKING Tradizionale in rosso, con permanenza di oltre 10-12 giorni delle vinacce a contatto con il mosto.
SUGAR 3.0 g/l
DRY EXTRACT 29.0 g/l
ACIDITY 5.0 g/l



Red shramp 2015
Red shramp 2018
Red shramp 2019
Veronelli 2015
Veronelli 2017
Veronelli 2019
James Suckling 2017 90

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Name: Montalbera
Start-up year: 1983
Cultivated hectares: 180
Winemaker name: Luca Caramellino
Address: Via Montalbera, 1 - Castagnole Monferrato (AT)
Web Site:

The Agricola Montalbera farm was born at the beginning of the twentieth century in an area between the municipalities of Grana, Castagnole Monferrato and Montemagno. By the mid-1980s, the Morando family adopted a policy of expansion not yet completed, with the acquisition of adjacent land and the direct planting of new vineyards, predominantly Ruchè. Today, the farm is surrounded by vineyards of a single-circular shape, entirely hilly, with different exposures and soils ranging from clay to limestone. One of the peculiarities that always distinguishes Montalbera in the Piedmontese landscape is to be a reality between the two large wine areas of Piedmont: the Monferrato and the Langhe. In the Monferrato the vineyards cover six hills, while in the valley there is the cultivation of typical Piedmont hazelnuts. Vineyards vary from 7 to 30 years old, the cultivation form is the low guyot and every cultivation operation is done by hand. 82 hectares are planted in Ruchè, corresponding to 60% of the total name. Other varieties are Barbera d'Asti, Grignolino and Viognier. In the Langhe 15 hectares of vineyards in a single plot, placed at 408 m.s.l and planted in Moscato d'Asti. The roots of the Morando family leave from here.