Patrice Colin Petillant Perles Grises Brut

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Patrice Colin is one of those winemakers who strongly defends his profession and the authenticity of the Coteaux-du-Vendômois appellation. His passion emerges from the commitment to make known the ability of his vineyards to produce natural and balanced wines and for this reason the conversion to organic agriculture was a logical consequence.
The vinification is non-interventionist, the grapes are generally de-stemmed and selected, they ferment in stainless steel tanks or in barrels thanks to their indigenous yeasts (those naturally present on the grape skin). The chaptalization (addition of sugar) is prohibited during the year.The Petilant Perles Grises Brut sparkling wine is produced by natural fermentation, without the addition of measuring liquor (a mixture of sugar and yeast used in the Champagne method to produce effervescence).
It comes from the Pineau d'Aunis vines, a vine that occupies a special place in the domain, a true emblem of the local vineyard.
The fruity and finely spiced bouquet, its delicacy and fine perlage are appreciated for this sparkling wine.
An eighth bubble to be enjoyed as an aperitif with savory reductions or tapas, but which can also accompany an entire meal.



Color rame molto leggero, quasi trasparente.


Bouquet di fiori bianchi e trucioli di matita.


E' fresco, fragrante, floreale con accenti di geranio e spezie.



ALCOL 11.20
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard






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Name: Patrice Colin
Cultivated hectares: 25
Address: 5, impasse de la Gaudetterie - Thoré la Rochette (France)
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The surface of the vineyard is 25 hectares, and covers both plain and a little bit of the hill side in Thoré la Rochette. Five kind of grape vine : Gamay, Pineau d’Aunis, Chenin, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir. He has one part of the most oldier “Pineau d’Aunis” vines (1890), of Chenin (80 ans) that are on clayey and flint, sloping soil on Thoré la Rochette. The domain sell himself all of his wines : directely (50% at private, 25% at cellarmens and restaurants, and 25% at exportation). Tree kinds of wines: red, white and grey. On the domain : tree wage earners, one seasonal and two trader agents work. A team work is the most important, each one has his part of responsability. The competence from eachone create a whole at the service of the domain. Today, the exploitation wants elaborate a quality of wine, in the soil’s respect. The wine making preserves to the maximum the soil’s effect. Maturing and the bottling process helps the wine to preserve its character and complexity.