Planeta Cometa 2019

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A great white wine from southern Italian grapes, able to compare with the world's great white wines; this was the initial project. Thus in the 1990's began the experiments with Fiano, an ancient noble variety from Campania. And so Cometa was born, expressing the best in an original and unique way, of the characteristics of this extraordinary vine.



Giallo paglierino carico con evidenti riflessi verdi.


Tra il fiore di ginestra ed il timo, si possono rintracciare dei delicati profumi di camomilla, fieno, mango e pomelo.


Palato minerale con tracce di sapidità vibranti che scuotono e dissetano. Poi il ritmo cambia per diventare più lento ed armonico, un invito a sorseggiare questo bianco d'autore con la giusta calma godendosi appieno ogni sfumatura. Il finale regala una sensazione tattile setosa con un retrogusto raffinatissimo di albicocche mature, di mandorli in fiore e foglia di basilico.


Senza aver paura della banalità con un dentice pescato e messo sulla griglia.



YEAR 2019
TRAINING SYSTEM Cordone speronato.
ALCOL 13.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard
COLLECTED DISPENSA 30 Agosto-10 Settembre. GURRA 15-19 Settembre.



GROUND DISPENSA mediamente profondo, scheletro scarso quasi assente, mediamente calcareo. GURRA calcareo e molto argilloso.
REFINEMENT Dopo un periodo di affinamento sulle fecce fini vienne assemblato e preparato all'imbottigliamento.
PLANTS FOR HECTARE 4.500 piante per ettaro
WINEMAKING Dopo vendemmia manuale le uve vengono pigiadiraspate e inviate in pressa. Il mosto così ottenuto fermenta in acciaio per il 90% e per il 10% in barriques da 225 lt.
ACIDITY 5.8 g/l
PH 3.4



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Wine Spectator 2011 92
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Wine Advocated 2012 92
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Wine Advocated 2014 94
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James Suckling 2015 91
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Name: Planeta
Start-up year: 1995
Cultivated hectares: 392
Winemaker name: Alessio Planeta
Address: Contrada Dispensa - Menfi (AG)
Web Site:

Planeta is a journey through Sicily. A journey from west to east Planeta is a 'Journey through Sicily'. A journey from west to east, that proceeds from Sambuca di Sicilia and Menfi as far as Vittoria, Noto and Etna. The stages of the Journey are the five wineries that Planeta has built within each of their vineyards. Five 'boutique wineries', each inspired by the particular requirements of the vineyards; Ulmo at Sambuca di Sicilia, the Cantina Piccola and Cantina Grande at Menfi, Dorilli at Vittoria, Buonivini at Noto, and soon to be joined by the sixth, Sciara Nuova on Etna. Each one inspired and constructed in harmony with its surroundings. Planeta's plan of action has been stimulated by the five wineries and the 390 hectares of vineyard which surround them. Patient and careful research, never hurried, looking as much to the past as to the future. Above all with profound links to the oldest wine-making traditions of Sicily and its unparalleled wealth of indigenous grape varieties. The guidelines of the plan are extremely rigorous in this direction; to promote the characteristics of these great vines by cultivating them exclusively in their respective selected areas, thus Nero d'Avola and Moscato at Noto, Frappato at Vittoria, Grecanico at Sambuca and Menfi, and soon Carricante on Etna. Another part of the plan lies within the arena where the best wine producers from five continents are judged. Chardonnay, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet; great classics of international wine-making interpreted by a territory that marks them in an unmistakeable manner, giving rise to wines that are profoundly Sicilian as much as the great indigenous varieties. Without forgetting the most energetic and almost visionary investigation into varieties and territories which allowed us to achieve a great Fiano for the first time in Sicily. All the company's activities have a single thread; environmental sustainability. Through the use of solar panels and biomass production, principally pruning residues, to produce energy, through the re-use and recycling of all materials used in the production cycle and the exclusive use of recycled paper for packing and printed materials. Because the land and the environment are a collective benefit as well as the company's heritage, and it is a duty to make every effort to preserve it. Alessio, Francesca and Santi Planeta established the company and this plan of action, but the whole family is with them, rooted in the reality of Sicilian agriculture for generations. A family and a company which has always given themselves ambitious aims, following the diktat of quality, a rigorous respect for the environment and for social responsibility. From the family properties at Menfi and Sambuca di Sicilia, and then at Vittoria and Noto to the latest acquisitions on Etna, a single Journey, through Sicily and its greatest wines.