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Possa Cinque Terre Bianco 2019




Details of wine

The Possa winery is located in one of the most beautiful paths of the Cinque Terre and represents one of the few companies that in recent years have managed to resist the desertification that occurred in these areas due to landslides and flooding.

We are talking about crops that are very difficult to carry out, in which the simple transport of the drawers involves never simple movements.

Only the passion of winemakers like Silvio Bonamini has managed to preserve the production of unique and original wines from these lands.

Cinque Terre Bianco contains all the hard work necessary to make a wine that, in the last 20 years, has come back into vogue for its intensity.

A bottle that tastes of the sea, born from a blend of organically grown white grapes, fermented and processed in steel. A real testimony of these lands, with the perfect balance between warmth and flavor.

At the end of a beautiful day spent at the sea, when the sea breeze becomes more insistent, this is the ideal time to uncork a bottle of Cinque Terre Bianco!




Giallo dorato.


Profumo di macchia mediterranea, aromatico intenso, minerale.


Sapido e molto persistente a tratti spigoloso.


Ottimo con piatti a base di pesce e carni bianche



YEAR 2019
VINES Bosco, Rossese, Albarola
ALCOL 13.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard
COLLECTED Anticipata rispetto alla tradizione, per godere di una più alta acidità.



CLASSIFICATION DOC Cinque Terre e Cinque Terre Sciacchetrà
LOCATION Riomaggiore (SP)
GROUND Scistoso, roccioso e resti di arenaria. Acido.
REFINEMENT In barrique di rovere e di acacia.
WINEMAKING Diraspatura, e messa a fermentare per 4 giorni insieme alle bucce, dopo viene separato dalle bucce e lasciato in acciaio per altri 4 giorni, dopo la parte alta della botte continua a fermentare in acciaio, mentre la bassa viene messa in barrique.
RETURN HALF 40-50 q.



Veronelli 2018
Wine Advocated 2017 88

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Name: Possa
Address: Via Telemaco Signorini, 91 - Riomaggiore (SP)
Web Site: possa.it

Possa was born from the link between the shared dream of reviving a valley and the project of building a farm. I was only 40 days old when my parents took me for the first time to Possaitara. A valley with a very special microclimate that until recently was destined to slide inexorably towards the sea, dragging with it, in addition to several centuries of history, even one of the most beautiful paths of the Cinque Terre, the one that leads to Canneto. I spent every period of vacation and free time there during my childhood and adolescence and I still remember how a good part of that valley was worked, I remember the people who cared for it, from Pino to Enzo, from "Giemo" to Variste, Ilario, Renzo, Aldo and many others, people who cultivated this difficult territory only for the satisfaction of doing so to bring home some lemons, some grapes and some first fruits, privilege of this coast given by the particular exposure. As the years went by, while I was growing up, the characters known because of their age left the hard work of the cultivation of the valley and the abandonment gradually took over, until the end of the nineties, when only a few portions of terraces had remained cultivated and the landslides had by now devastated the profile of the slope and destroyed part of the terraces. The easiest thing I could have done would have been to leave the valley to its degradation and slow agony, no one, given my young age and the inaccessibility of the area, would have had to say, but it was not so easy.