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Possa Rosé d'Amour

Possa Rosé d'Amour

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Details of wine

Loving the vineyard, the vines and the wine, many times means to go beyond any obstacle represented by angular soils and crops difficult to perform.
Cantina Possa is the testimony of how these difficulties can be overcome thanks to hard work and the desire to produce unique wines with a strong personality.

Samuele Bonanini is the winner of this bet and the one who guaranteed the creation of wines in a difficult environment but with great potential.

Each process is carried out by hand, despite the difficulties, including that of the Bonamico and Moscato Rosso vines, from which this splendid Rosè d'Amour is born.

The grapes are grown with the ancient method of the low pergola, the fermentations are spontaneous and the processing takes place in steel.

A very fragrant organic wine, where the sea feels salty and soft. One of these rosés that you would never stop drinking on a hot summer day.




Profumi nitidi, di frutti di bosco, lampone, mirtillo, ribes, arancia, mandorla e le erbe della macchia mediterranea.


In bocca è molto morbido e sapido, di buona acidità.


Formaggi freschi, salumi e piatti a base di pesce affumicato.



TRAINING SYSTEM Pergola bassa.
ALCOL 12.50
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



LOCATION Riomaggiore (SP)
GROUND Pietrisco di arenaria.
REFINEMENT Affinamento in tini di acciaio inox per 6 mesi.
WINEMAKING Pressatura diretta dei grappoli, fermentazione spontanea.



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Name: Possa
Address: Via Telemaco Signorini, 91 - Riomaggiore (SP)
Web Site: possa.it

Possa was born from the link between the shared dream of reviving a valley and the project of building a farm. I was only 40 days old when my parents took me for the first time to Possaitara. A valley with a very special microclimate that until recently was destined to slide inexorably towards the sea, dragging with it, in addition to several centuries of history, even one of the most beautiful paths of the Cinque Terre, the one that leads to Canneto. I spent every period of vacation and free time there during my childhood and adolescence and I still remember how a good part of that valley was worked, I remember the people who cared for it, from Pino to Enzo, from "Giemo" to Variste, Ilario, Renzo, Aldo and many others, people who cultivated this difficult territory only for the satisfaction of doing so to bring home some lemons, some grapes and some first fruits, privilege of this coast given by the particular exposure. As the years went by, while I was growing up, the characters known because of their age left the hard work of the cultivation of the valley and the abandonment gradually took over, until the end of the nineties, when only a few portions of terraces had remained cultivated and the landslides had by now devastated the profile of the slope and destroyed part of the terraces. The easiest thing I could have done would have been to leave the valley to its degradation and slow agony, no one, given my young age and the inaccessibility of the area, would have had to say, but it was not so easy.