Puddu Gioias 2020

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Colore buccia di cipolla dorata, anche se ottenuto da sole uve nere.


Vino che coniuga unicamente freschezza, acidità e profumi floreali.


Fruttato e floreale, fresco, retrogusto molto persistente.


Ideale con cibi a base di pesce e ostriche, ma può accompagnare perfettamente anche salumi e formaggi.



YEAR 2020
ALCOL 13.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



WINEMAKING Cannonau di Sardegna vinificato in bianco.



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Name: Fratelli Puddu Azienda Agricola
Cultivated hectares: 30
Address: Località Orbuddai - Oliena (NU)
Web Site: www.aziendapuddu.it

The birth of the activity is closely linked to the will, courage and attachment for their land of Nenneddu and Luisa, who since their youth have used all their strength to create products that reflect the rare beauty of the territory of Oliena. The farm covers 50 hectares of which 30 are cultivated with vineyards. Here the master is the red Cannonau, the "king of Sardinia", a vine most likely indigenous, present on the island already more than 3000 years ago and for this reason considered the oldest in the Mediterranean. Widespread throughout the region, it has found its natural habitat in the Oliena area. In the territory of Oliena since 1500 A.D. there is talk of a remarkable wine-growing activity by the Franciscan friars, who, after having founded a church and a convent, had planted a vineyard of over 10,000 vines with annexed oenological establishment of which there are imposing ruins. However, viticulture was already present. In fact, in a letter with which the friar Prior of Oliena, asks the authorization and funding to the head of the order of the Friars Minims of Sardinia, in Cagliari, to "plant a large vineyard with winemaking plant attached", it is said that "in Oliena there are more families, that in their homes, they own up to ten days, full of good red wine" (the days were terracotta containers of about 200 liters). Afterwards, the Jesuit fathers gave a considerable impulse to viticulture, which has been preserved and developed to this day, so much so that government officials, poets, writers, have talked about the wine of Oliena on various occasions and in various circumstances, as "a wine to be counted among the luxury wines, to be drunk in small sips to make the mouth, and every sip is a pleasure for all the chores of body and soul. Above all, Gabriele D'Annunzio, who reserved for this wine the name that the ancient Greeks gave to a herb similar to opium and with hallucinogenic effects: NEPENTE. Inside this wonderful reality, perched at the foot of the Corrasi Massif, there are also 15 hectares of olive groves of the varieties Nera di Oliena and Bosana, from which the company produces extra virgin olive oils of 1st quality. The oil of the Nera di Oliena (Ulianesa) has a medium fruitiness. The qualitative characteristic of the oil obtained from this cultivar is the bitterish and spicy aftertaste due to the high oleuropein content, the main polyphenol of the olive. Bosana, on the other hand, produces an oil that stands out for its hints of thistle and artichoke.