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Skerk Ograde 2018

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Details of wine

The Ograde is a white Collio wine produced by the Skerk winery. A unique wine, endowed with great personality and expressive charge. Wine that expresses the great territory from which its grapes come, enhanced by natural and artisan techniques. Skerk points out that his wine is a direct expression of what nature can give if viticulture is done with respect and without resorting to chemical treatments of any kind.
The Ograde is part of the so-called Orange Wine as it is left to macerate on the skins for almost 15 days, obtaining a great olfactory extraction, a color beautifully tending to orange and a slight tannic presence. Then it is aged in oak barrels of different sizes for at least 24 months and then in the bottle for another 5 months.
The four vines used, Sauvignon, Malvasia Istriana, Vitovska and Pinot Grigio, grow in the area of ??the Carso, typically dry and rocky, rich in limestone and iron. Not being very far from the sea, the grapes also benefit from the cool breezes that create favorable temperature ranges between day and night.
It is an incredible wine, which speaks of its origins, its life and its origins. A wine that knows how to excite, and makes us reflect on how far we are from a viticulture dictated by the market, from what is sold more easily. This wine is full of pride as rich is the symphony of candied citrus notes, caramel, orange marmalade, chestnut honey, pine resin, mango compote, shaded by Mediterranean notes of rosemary and balsamic herbs.



Ramato tendente all'ambrato.


Intensi profumi di fiori gialli appassiti, confettura di pesche, albicocca candita, zenzero e pepe bianco accompagnano sentori di frutta secca caramellata, chiodi di garofano, miele.


Al palato è dotato di ricca freschezza e vibrante sapidità, con il giusto grado di morbidezza e una sensazione di leggera astringenza che dona tridimensionalità al sorso. Chiusura minerale e fruttata. Persistente e coerente.



FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



REFINEMENT 12 mesi in botte grande sulle fecce nobili. 5 mesi in bottiglia.
WINEMAKING Diraspatura, fermentazione spontanea e macerazione per circa 15 giorni in tini di legno, immergendo il cappello fino a 5 volte al giorno. No chiarificazione e filtrazione. Lieve aggiunta di solforosa.



Red shramp 2009
Red shramp 2015
Red shramp 2016
Red shramp 2017

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Name: Skerk
Start-up year: 1990
Cultivated hectares: 7
Winemaker name: Sandi Skerk
Address: Loc. Prepotto, 20 - Divino Aurisina (TS)
Web Site: www.skerk.com

The company dates back to when my grandparents in addition to the vines were raised cows and other animals. Since 1987, we decided to dedicate entirely to viticulture. The Skerk farm is located on the Karst plateau, midway between the city of Trieste and Monfalcone, about 3 km away from the sea. It is a hilly area, dry and difficult in some ways, where each vine cultivation has been removed from the womb of a strong, but at the same time welcoming and generous with a mild climate and temperate. In this situation the company is developing with hard work and many sacrifices dedicated to the cultivation of vines with high density, focusing on the quality of the grapes and taking care of the aging of wine of the best years in oak barrels.