Sordo Giovanni Barolo Monvigliero 2017

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One of the most well-known and coveted vineyards planted in the municipality of Verduno. Due to its special microclimate, from researchers to experts, this historic vineyard has been considered a grand cru, among the best vineyard terrains in the area.



Alla vista offre una veste cromatica molto bella, mai troppo intensa, ma molto stabile nel tempo.


Il bouquet è ricco, ampio e molto persistente. Ricorda la frutta fresca, i piccoli frutti in particolare, sensazioni di spezie dolci, fieno di montagna e sottobosco.


Molto buona la struttura; tannini e acidi sono presenti in un equilibrio assai piacevole.


Ottimo con arrosti, selvaggina.



YEAR 2017
TRAINING SYSTEM Controspalliera con potatura a Guyot tradizionale.
ALCOL 14.50
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



GROUND Abbastanza sciolto formato da marne chiare fini e piuttosto asciutte. Dal punto di vista geologico appartiene alla formazione del Tortoniano.
REFINEMENT 24 mesi in botti di rovere di Slavonia di grandi dimensioni. 4/6 mesi in acciaio inox e minimo 6 mesi in bottiglia.
WINEMAKING Diraspa-pigiatura, vinificazione con fermentazione in vasche di acciaio inox a temperatura controllata con lunga macerazione a cappello sommerso da 4 a 7 settimane, a seconda dell'annata. Fermentazione malolattica naturale alla temperatura di 20 °C. Conservazione in acciaio inox per 2/4 mesi.
RETURN HALF 75-80 q.
ACIDITY 5.4 g/l



Veronelli 2016
Bibenda 2016
James Suckling 2016 90
James Suckling 2017 90

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Name: Sordo Giovanni
Start-up year: 1912
Cultivated hectares: 53
Winemaker name: Mattia Roà
Address: Via Alba Barolo, 175 - Castiglione Falletto (CN)
Web Site:

The Azienda Agricola Giovanni Sordo is to be found in the heart of the well-known Barolo region, in the municipality of Castiglione Falletto – just few kilometers away from Alba, in the province of Cuneo. It’s a family-run winery, now in the capable hands of Giorgio – Giovanni’s son – the third generation of a family who has been tending and producing wines for more than a century. The estate was founded in 1912 by the great-father Giuseppe, but the real turn over came with his son Giovanni who – together with his wife Maria, the real witness of the family’s story – bought several vineyards of Nebbiolo for Barolo - the Sorì in Piedmontese language – among the best in the Barolo wine district. The soil of these vineyards – a compact calcareous marl – is rich in micro-nutrients which – together with the unique microclimate of the Langhe region – creates a perfect environment for the growing of Nebbiolo grape. It is a vigorous and difficult grape which can give amazing wines with powerful aromas and great aging potential. Today the Sordo family owns 53 hectares, spreaded out in the municipalities of Castiglione Falletto, Serralunga d’Alba, Monforte d’Alba, Barolo, Novello, La Morra, Verduno, Grinzane Cavour and Vezza d’Alba. Sordo is unique: it is the only existing winery which can boast 8 different kinds of Barolo – the crus – whose vineyards are located in the areas of 5 different municipalities in the Barolo wine district. Only last generations equipments for the fermentation, storage and bottling are used at Sordo’s, together with a huge cellar – 111 big barrels from 50 to 120 hl – to ensure a perfect maturation and aging of the wine. Big barrels, made with Slavonian oak, are the secret of this centenary winery: this wood – thanks to its gentle feature – is not invasive with the wine which keeps its authentic taste so that what you will find in your glass is the real taste of our terroir. This is what tradition means – to carry on an habit that our ancestors tought us – just like the Sordo family has been doing for more than a 100 years. Every single step of the production – from the vineyards to the cellar – follows exactly the process given by the tradition – which has been the mainstay of the family ever since. Since 2014 Sordo built a new cellar with a amazing tasting room, a showroom – where you can discover and buy all the amazing wines with all the ranges of Barolo until 1990 – and a production line completely total automatic accessibile to the visitor. The experience you will try at Sordo’s is unique: you will discover how we work through a tour into our cellar. A guide will take you into the Sordo world showing you all the processes of the production – from the vinification which takes place in the old part of the building to the bottling and stocking – walking through the big Slavonian oak barrels, running down at 12 meters underground to find the pearl of the family – the magical infernòt, a Piedmontese word which means little dark cellar where the family jelously keeps the best wines – following the tunnel where big bottle formats are aging, all the way down to the tasting room – where a breathtaking view on the Langhe is waiting for you; here you will try our wines and of course the Barolo through guided tastings: we will make your visit here unforgettable.