Speri Valpolicella Classico 2021



Abbinamento per Pig Pig
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Details of wine

This is a young, immediate red which retains the essence of the earth from which it was cultivated. It is characterised by fragrant scents and fresh flavours and is the ideal accompaniment for any kind of dish.



Rubino limpido.


L'olfatto offre cenni di frutti a bacca rossa e note floreali misti a lieve humus con ricordi di spezie scure.


Coerente il sorso, di buon equilibrio e piacevole persistenza con echi minerali.


Ideale come accompagnamento di antipasti, zuppe, pasta, e tipici piatti mediterranei.



YEAR 2021
VINES 60% Corvina, 10% Molinara, 30% Rondinella
ALCOL 12.50
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



LOCATION Pedemonte di San Pietro in Cariano (VR)
REFINEMENT Permanenza in acciaio e cemento vetrificato per 4 mesi. Affinamento in bottiglia.
WINEMAKING Raccolta manuale dei grappoli; immediata pigiatura con pigiadiraspatrice; fermentazione con macerazione a temperatura controllata.



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Name: Speri
Start-up year: 1874
Cultivated hectares: 60
Winemaker name: Alberto Speri
Address: Via Fontana, 14 - Pedemonte di San Pietro in Cariano (VR)
Web Site: www.speri.com

The Family: …the story of the land and its people. A family of long-standing from Valpolicella, the Speri company is a true traditionalist in the making of one of the most prestigious wines: the Amarone. Its continuity and its strong local roots have contributed greatly to the agricultural history of Valpolicella becoming a definitive benchmark for Italian wine making. The company was established in the second half of the 19th century in the Valpolicella Classica area. Over the years the company gradually expanded its estates in the best known areas of Valpolicella Classica which today amount to 50 hectares. This was a controlled expansion ensuring direct management of production at all times, continuity of style and excellent quality Speri wines. After 150 years of business, Speri family still produce wine using solely his own grapes and they supervise all stages of production, from the vineyard to the bottle. Today Speri is proud to have reached their fifth generation. Speri wine is made using only own grapes: From the vineyard to the bottle Speri produces wine using exclusively own grapes and they closely supervise all stages of production, giving great attention to every little detail. Respect for nature: Speri's extensive experience in vine growing and their constant quest to improve quality have given them a particular awareness of tradition and environment. The use of the “inclined open pergoletta” system supports indigenous varieties best and gives them optimum exposure to sunlight, particularly in hilly areas. In order to reduce the yield in the vineyard Speri uses the grassing technique and do not use fertilizers. They weed, prune and thin out on a regular basis. The vines are treated with environmentally friendly products and, by using modern machinery and tools, the amount of phytosanitory products used is very limited. The grapes are hand-picked and carefully selected by experts. Wine cellar: The latest technology, the efficiency of the wine production machinery and the highest quality materials are nothing without the expertise of those who operate them. Quality: The quality consolidated in over 100 years of experience by 2001, has achieved a significant goal until now reached by very few companies in this sector: The Uni En Iso 9001-2000 certification of quality compliance guaranteed by the CSQA, a body accredited by Sincert. Today’s quality means that normal procedures offer the consumer a guarantee for the whole wine production process, from the careful selection of the fruit to the bottling and packaging of the final product.