Tenuta Amadio Bianchetta Metodo Ancestrale

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The "Metodo Ancestrale" (Ancestral Method) is the traditional production method of Prosecco. This type of Prosecco was widespread in farmers' homes on feast days. In the town of Monfumo, this ancestral Prosecco is made with Bianchetta grapes, an indigenous grape variety cultivated on these hills.



Giallo paglierino.


Al naso è fruttato, speziato con note di mela e timo ed erbe selvatiche.


Morbido, al finale una piacevole nota sapida.



TRAINING SYSTEM Doppio capovolto.
ALCOL 10.50
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard
COLLECTED Manuale in cassetta con selezione dei grappoli. Metà settembre.



LOCATION Rive di Monfumo (TV)
GROUND Collinare, di origine marina; suolo calcareo con la caratteristica "Marna", substrato profondo ricco di minerali.
REFINEMENT A fine fermentazione segue un lungo periodo di maturazione sulle fecce fini di 5 mesi, poi in bottiglia per almeno 9 mesi.
WINEMAKING Vinificazione a grappolo intero con pressatura soffice e macerazione a freddo. Fermentazione per metà in barriques di acacia e la restante parte in vasca d'acciaio.



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Name: Tenuta Amadio
Start-up year: 2014
Cultivated hectares: 15
Winemaker name: Loris Dall'Acqua
Address: Via Biss, 7 - Monfumo (TV)
Web Site: https://www.tenutamadio.com/

We make our wines in Monfumo, in the heart of the Asolo hills. Our estate is divided into three separate vineyards: Vigneto del Biss, Vigneto del Longon and Vigneto Era Grande, their specificity enabling the cultivation of grapes with different tastes and characteristics. These blend beautifully to give Tenuta Amadio wines the aromas and flavours that make them unique products of their kind. We own a total of 20 hectares of land, 12 of which are cultivated with vineyards. We use sustainable agriculture in our vineyards, because we believe it is important to preserve our terrain in order to hand it on to the next generations in the same fertile condition we inherited it. The excellence of our grapes is maintained during processes in the winery, where we use grapes almost exclusively from our own estate. Harvesting is carried out the old-fashioned way, by hand into small crates, then the grapes are immediately taken to the winery using a small steel truck and worked while still fresh. Our winery is set among these hills, dug out of the rock and in perfect harmony with the landscape. Carefully built to ensure it fits into its surroundings, it is beautifully camouflaged, almost maniacal attention having been paid to the use of natural, local materials such as wood and stone. It is sheltered by a hanging garden and surrounded by a row of vines. Inside the winery, the grapes are turned into wine using the most modern techniques at a constantly controlled temperature. We take care not to alter the product, but to enhance the flavours and aromas typical of our territory. Of all the Tenuta Amadio wines, our top product is Asolo DOCG Prosecco Superiore, the result of a strictly controlled production chain featuring cutting-edge technology and entirely manual processing of the grapes.