Tenuta la Sabbiosa Carignano del Sulcis Bio 2017

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Tenuta La Sabbiosa is located in a splendid position in front of the island of Sant'Antioco. Despite having a low yield, this company wanted to recover centuries-old vineyards to rediscover the essence of Carignano. The efforts linked to the reconversion of the land in organic agriculture have given birth to a wine with great potential such as Carignano De Sulcis Bio.
It has a ruby red color and an intense boquet of fruit and balsamic notes, with a great structure and a persistent finish is a wine that contains all the peculiarities of this beautiful island. First courses of meat, mushrooms and cold cuts are combinations to suggest to appreciate all its qualities.



Rosso rubino intenso.


Bouquet ricco e complesso, fruttato con eleganti note balsamiche di macchia mediterranea tipiche del territorio di produzione.


Di grande struttura, equilibrato, caldo e avvolgente. ersistente in bocca, morbido e con tannini piacevoli.


Primi e secondi di carne, salumi, formaggi, funghi.



YEAR 2017
TRAINING SYSTEM Alberello, Spalliera.
ALCOL 14.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard
COLLECTED 21 Settembre. Attenta selezione delle uve, raccolte a mano.



CLASSIFICATION DOC Carignano del Sulcis
LOCATION Calasetta (CI)
GROUND Sabbioso
WINEMAKING Fermentazione a temperature controllate 25-28 °C. Rimontaggi e delestage ripetuti assicurano una buona estrazione delle componenti aromatiche e coloranti.
ACIDITY 5.6 g/l
PH 3.6



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Name: Tenuta La Sabbiosa - Biomar
Address: Via Garibaldi 119 - Calasetta (CI)
Web Site: www.biomar.bio

The sea has always been present in our life and profession. A passion that has led us to "take root" on the island of Sant 'Antioco, in the extreme south-west of the beautiful and wild Sardinia. An island of the island that until the eighties was literally covered by vineyards of Carignano, a grape variety perhaps arrived with the Phoenicians. Sapling vineyards that grew up to the beaches, among the dunes and junipers, on sandy soils and ridges whipped all year by strong mistral winds. Vines have always been kept at a low level because this is one of the few areas in Europe where the terrible plague of phylloxera has not destroyed human secular work. Only in a few places, such as on this island, sandy soils have saved the vines with their original “free foot” roots that allow to obtain the pure and ancient taste of European grapes. A winemaking tradition, however, largely disappeared from the late 1980s, when low yields began to clash with market logic. Here and there have survived centuries-old vineyards that only the passion of the elderly has brought forward. From one of these, inherited from grandfather Massimino and father Gianni, we started our desire not to let the delicious fruits of the past die. The meeting with Renato who has always cultivated the passion of good natural wine, with Luca Mercenaro, great expert on vines and wines of Sardinia, who destiny "assigned" us as a neighbor of the vineyard and with Antonio Manca, a young and talented oenologist , they gave us the strength to launch into this crazy adventure. Because only if you are a bit crazy do you recover the ancient vineyards, fight against the mistral and sandy soils to obtain a modern wine from an ancient vine.