Tenuta Ulisse Nativae Pecorino 2015

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  2. Indigenous yeasts
  3. Zero filtrations


Details of wine

Tenuta Ulisse is the symbol of the Abruzzo wine Renaissance, a winery founded in 2006 in love with the traditions and places where the historic vines of this beautiful region are grown.
Each land has its own identity and manages to enhance each bottle, in compliance with a production method that aims at environmental eco-sustainability.
The grapes used in the production are harvested respecting the naturalness of the vine's life cycle in order to enhance the peculiarities of the territory from which they come.

One of the most representative wines of this cellar is the Nativae Abruzzo Pecorino DOC, obtained through spontaneous fermentation in cement tanks with indigenous yeasts.
The grapes come from a vineyard cultivated according to the rules of eco-sustainability, without any synthetic treatment. Tenuta Ulisse and its wine philosophy are best expressed in the naturalness and naturalness of the new product, whose perfumes, whose pleasantness, whose aromas bring to mind an ancient history in perfect harmony with the potential of the territory.

A Pecorino with a great character.



Il naso è assalito da effluvi minerali e fruttati e da sfumature floreali.


La bocca è trascinante ed impregnata di sapidità e succosità e poi emerge un'incisiva nota acida che dona freschezza al palato. Chiude con godibili note agrumate. Sul finale, lunghissimo, l'unirsi della terra e del mare.



YEAR 2015
ALCOL 13.00
FORMAT 0,75 L Standard



LOCATION Crecchio (CH)
REFINEMENT In vasche di cemento fino all'imbottigliamento, a cui segue un periodo di affinamento in bottiglia.
WINEMAKING Fermentazione spontanea con lieviti indigeni in vasche di cemento senza controllo della temperatura con lieviti autoctoni, nessuna filtrazione.



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Name: Tenuta Ulisse
Start-up year: 2006
Cultivated hectares: 70
Winemaker name: Antonio Ulisse, Alessandro Liberatoscioli
Address: Via San Polo snc - Crecchio (CH)
Web Site: www.tenutaulisse.it

Founded in 2006, Tenuta Ulisse is today the symbolic mark of the enological renaissance in Abruzzo and expression of a centuries-old tradition of passion and dedication to the land. In the early 1900’s grandfather Antonio Ulisse’s passion for wine drew him to a unique place: Contrada San Polo in the extraordinary countryside outside the town of Crecchio in the Abruzzo region of Italy. It is a land, which bears the deep and indelible signs of wine-growing and the culture of wine, nestled between the Majella mountain and the Adriatic sea, at the shadow a the medieval castle.In this environment two young brothers, Antonio and Luigi Ulisse, wanted to ensure continuity to the family Farm started from their grandfather but with their mind focused on the future. Two young entrepreneur in love with their land who had the ability of seeing it through new eyes, of perceiving the huge potential for the development of wine-making excellence in the valleys of the Crecchio area. They believed that this potential had not been fully tapped yet with the right commitment and approach to production.Founded in 2006, Tenuta Ulisse is today the symbolic mark of the enological renaissance in Abruzzo and of a culture of drinking. Tenuta Ulisse, a modern expression of a centuries-old tradition of passion and dedication to the land, is one of Abruzzo’s premier winemaking estate. A little more than 10 years ago, a revelation: the future of Abruzzo’s viticulture had to take a new oenological path, in search of absolute quality. To achieve this goal, the proper place, proper time, and best people were necessary. This led to the idea of Tenuta Ulisse, vineyards cultivated with wisdom and experience by the Ulisse family, who seek, with every vintage, a new masterpiece. Throughout its short yet prolific history, Antonio and Luigi Ulisse have cultivated Abruzzo’s finest vineyards and worked closely with one of Italy’s best winemakers Riccardo Brighigna. It has aggressively dived into the enormous potential of Abruzzo’s unique terroir and ancient varieties by placing a contemporary spin on indigenous grapes such as Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, Trebbiano D’Abruzzo, Pecorino, Cococciola and Passerina. The results can be seen, but are even more evident in the glass.